DeLaWarr Quantum Holographic Camera Project

The De La Warr Camera

One of the projects I worked on with Marcel was a Inter-dimensional Imaging Device called the DeLaWarr Camera, which was imported from England to the lab. This device stood over 5 feet tall and the internal workings were beautifully machined out of brass. My background with radionics started a long time ago when I first completely reverse engineered a radionic device that was written about in Fate magazine. The exact device the article had written about, I had for a short time in my possession. The article said, that it could take a photograph of a field that was being destroyed by insects and selectively broadcast an insecticide to a polaroid photo of the field which was cut in half. The results claimed that the half of the infested field, which the device broadcast to, had affected the insects and they were dying, while the other half of the photographed field, that the device was not attuned to, was unaffected.

Those who understand the mechanisms of consciousness through a radionic type device, know that, what you do to others, you do to yourself. If your intent is to hurt someone or even kill bugs as spoke of in the first device I studied, that vibration you take into your own personal consciousness matrix. As Indian Chief Seattle put it well "Humankind has not woven the web of life, we are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. So the latest evidence in quantum physics shows all things are "entangled" and indeed connect to each other.

Discovering that the instrument was nothing more than a 2 stage vacuum tube amplifier, with it's input connected to the witness well and the output to an extended antenna, I became suspicious that something more was at work here. Consequently, I have built a Hieronymus type of radionic instrument using a tunable quartz prism, then a Bruce Copen design of 9 dial instruments, and even a gem therapy radionic instrument as well as other types of radionic type equipment. What I have found is that in essence the radionic instrument is nothing in itself, but merely a tuning focus for the mind, and that everything hinges around intent and that just about anything can be created into a radionic instrument. As Ruth Drown once stated, "Everything in the universe is here now, all we have to do is tune into it". A radionic instrument merely provides a method of ratio tuning the holographically-based universe by taking a witness, such as a photograph or drop of blood from a person and using a feedback mechanism such as a pendulum or membrane pad that is rubbed called a stick pad. Then the person's resonant frequency or sometimes called personal rate in radionics, is attuned to.

In the matrix of consciousness, which we all share, everyone does this everyday whenever you think of someone you are attuning to them. Using a radionic instrument to attune with a feedback element, you could say, coheres the thought form into resonance in the radionic device. Then you can take your thought focus and go elsewhere once you have crystallized, you could say, your thoughts into the device, which will continue to broadcast or radiate to the witness. The dials can be set to different degrees of rotations, these rotations of 0-9 give the reference numbers that are called radionic "rates" . These rates, various individuals have categorized, such as Abrams, Copen, Drown, DeLaWarr etc. But these individually created instruments have their own "agreed upon reality" from their creators for the various rate numbers. Therefore, anyone can make anything, but not everyone can make any of these instruments work. It is a faculty which everyone has, but it appears some individuals can use this ability better than others. Also it should be noted that those who have the most effective devices are those in which the individual has created from their own inspiration of design. Never-the-less, the common denominator of all this, is that even though the designs and the rates differ, they all seem to be able to give a validity to the concept that time and space is contained within the holographically-based universe and that a witness (drop of blood, hair, signature, photograph etc.) is a microcosmic holographic link to it's macrocosmic whole.

In regards to radionic instruments ability to lock-in or cohere a thought pattern. DeLaWarr was reported that he once did an experiment with tuning the instrument to the rate or frequency of the metal lead with a small amount of the lead material as the target. The amount of lead was weighed beforehand, and after several hours was weighed again and it was noted that it had gained in mass slightly. This could be an indication that thought, once cohered, can start to take physical form.

The purpose on this project with Marcel was to understand the principles at work within the camera that was created in 1955 and to incorporate the current technology of 1983 to reproduce the images which could attune to an individual through the use of a witness. A witness with the camera, such as a drop of blood, represents a holographic connection to the individual anywhere throughout the holographic nature of the matrix of creatiion, regardless of time and space. Through the geometrical alignment of the radionic tuning to a specific aspect of the individual, with the additional parameter of the element of time, using the time spiral, an image could be captured in the silver emulsion of film regardless of time and space.  

The theories of a holographically-based universe were originally championed by two of the world’s most eminent thinkers: physicist David Bohm, a protégé of Einstein’s, and Karl Pribram, a highly-respected neurophysiologist from Stanford University. Their holographic model received dramatic experimental support in 1982 when a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect in Paris demonstrated that the web of subatomic particles that compose our physical universe, possesses what appears to be an undeniable “holographic” property.

Although science in the future may look back at these archaic interdimensional holographic matrix attuned image recorders and put them in a place of merit in a museum of science history. This science project I worked on in the early 1980's with Marcel was more like an episode in the Outer Limits than what is currently acceptable science.

The Radionic Camera developed in 1955 by George DeLaWarr was capable of imaging the past and the future, and he published thousands of photographs demonstrating the effect.

In the opinion of DeLaWarr...

"Time is a vector of the magnetic spectrum and that spectrum has a place in itself for events... There is a pre-physical world in which the camera might be expected to operate"

Indeed, the camera imaging was projecting in space modulated the holographic information of the subject witness onto an a tuned through angular alignment magnetic field which modulated the audio sound oscillators as a carrier wave into a 3D holographic projection of a pre-physical field in which the flat plate of film was only able to capture a cross sectional portion of the full 3D pattern projected in space that was reflected back onto the photographic plate.

The principles are in some ways "akin" (as Marcel always used to say). In laser holography, you make a hologram by reflecting a laser beam off the object you want to create a hologram of. You split the laser beam into two separate halves by shining it through a half-mirror (a piece of glass coated with a thin layer of silver so half the laser light is reflected and half passes through—sometimes called a semi-silvered mirror). One half of the beam bounces off a mirror, hits the object, and reflects onto the photographic plate inside which the hologram will be created. This is called the object beam. The other half of the beam bounces off another mirror and hits the same photographic plate. This is called the reference beam. A hologram forms where the two beams meet.

The reason this occurs is because the reference beam is purely coherent (meaning it resonates on an exact frequency of light) while the reference beam reflecting off of the object causes an out of phase relationship between the two converging beams. This phase difference between the beams creates in space what is called standing waves.

These standing waves create points in space where the information difference between the two light beams recreates the object in 3D at the converging point in space.

Illustration showing how the converging "reference" and "object" laser beams recombine to create a hologram. The DeLaWarr camera has essentially the convergence of attuned energetic patterns that recombine at the photographic plate area in order to capture a portion of this pre-physical 3D energetic field that is projected in space by the camera.


Similar to how in laser holography where the object beam is in a varying different phase relationship than the reference beam in order to create the standing wave patterns in space that represent holographically the object. The DeLaWarr camera creates an out of phase relationship through the use of a polarizer which causes a phase shift to allow the standing wave patterns, also known as interference patterns, that recreate holographically the attuned aspect of the subject using the witness as the fractal representation of the subject anywhere in the universe.

As each of us is a fractal representation of one great divine mind, and as in a hologram, in every part is reflected the whole, and the whole is reflected in every part. Any changes in a hologram is therefore reflected in all aspects of the hologram. This holographic nature of the universe is also reflected fractally in each of us and all things within the universe into infinity. This is why mankind using linear accelerators such as at CERN can never find the smallest particle.

The 7 turn Time Spiral is unique on this radionic device in the ability to move forwards and backwards through time. Science is beginning to see that gravity, time and space are all interrelated and that the past and future exist simultaneously in the present operating at different frequencies. As we move through time, all is being recorded, these recordings in time appear to have an association with a particular aspect within a magnetic field. George DeLaWarr was able to photograph back in time 30 years to his wedding day through the use of aligning the magnetic field along the use of this time spiral implemented into the design of this device.

Marcel frequently stated that "We are made in the image and likeness of God, therefore we create". Each of us are creators in this participatory universe because we are a fractal of a great creative mind.

The research has show that the physical world we experience is actually very similar to a hologram that is emanating from a higher frequency pre-physical pattern. This has been shown in many experiments that when a change occurs for example in our physical body, that that change first occurs in the higher formative frequencies that are a precursor to the physical form, and that when change is affected at that higher level (i.e. healing with a crystal etc.) the physical form which is the resultant of this higher formative pattern which originates from our soul, is immediately transformed.

On this project, I worked with Marcel and two other research associates, and in my study of the blue prints, I found that the resonant wooden cavity was based on a 1.618 or golden mean ratio. I was with Marcel when he charged the plates and took the first images on the camera since it was last produced images occurred in 1971 in England by the Radiionics Association. The image we produced appeared to look like an X-Ray diffraction pattern, but imagery exactly like DeLaWarr was able to produce, we were not able to.

Briefly, the procedure in using the instrument was to align it with magnetic north and then the blood spot or witness placed on the witness plate, then a magnet between the plates was to be rotated until resonant. The 9 dials were tuned to the specific rate of what was to be photographed and the 7 turn Time Spiral tuned to the earth's resonant frequency or the proper time band. The switch was thrown and the audio oscillators inside the unit vibrated the cavity (Here you could associate the element of sound with matter coming into manesfestion) The energy from the 3 sections then went up into the upper housing which had 3 sets of reflectors and lenses that focused the energy back reflecting onto the photographic plate to record the image. Below is a sample image that DeLaWarr took, one of over 10,000 that he photographed with the camera.


The above original DelaWarr photograph was taken at the request of a distant patient who wished to determine her precise stage of pregnancy. The photograph reflected the fetal development between 8 and 12 weeks gestation (later confirmed by delivery date). A significant amount of skeletal structure can be seen in this image. The imagery was able to be moved forwards or backwards in time to show the various stages of development.


Below are diagrams of the unit from the European Patent Office


Here is the original French Language 1955 patent from the European Patent Office PDF

The following text file is a very poor Google English translation of the French patent


The following photos I took while working with the camera

Witness plates with a rotational magnetic adjustment between them

Inside the camera I measured the dimensions and discovered the entire cavity ratio to be the Golden Mean 1.618 ratio which the round sound resonators oscillated


The radionic dials are tuned to resonance through the principle that everything is enfolded into everything, and that any aspect of the whole can be attuned to as a divisional ratio of that whole.


The unique element of the DelaWarr Camera from other radionic devices is the incorporation of a Time Spiral of 7 turns in which the witness once attuned to could resonate at a different place in time to take a photograph in the past or in the future.

Once the witness was attuned to and amplified using the magnetic rotational dial and the sound resonators oscillating. The dials would be rotated and attuned to the aspect of the witness to photograph. If a time element of that aspect wanted to be photographed then the Time Spiral would be attuned to. These subtle oscillations would be projected upward in 3 axes into the separate compartment above which held the photographic plate. Above the plate 3 assemblies of lens and reflectors focused the energy back onto the photographic plate in which the silver emulsion on the film responded to and captured the image.


The following is a transcription of a 1983 USPA lecture
by Marcel Vogel on the DeLaWarr Camera

You can access the full recording

We now proceed with the first paper for 1983 we're delighted to have with us a gentleman of attainment Marcel Vogel senior scientist at IBM for 26 years who specializes in material science in magnetic coding for magnetic disks those of you who are using computers and have been using them for years the magnetic disks come from Marcel Vogel's work he works on rare earth phosphors liquid crystal systems study of the energies of mind and the utilization of those energies in healing and psychotherapeutic devices ladies and gentlemen it's my pleasure to present Marcel Vogel.

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen and friends it is good to be here and to share with you for the first time the information that has been accumulated by us on the Delaware camera this has been one of the great mysteries of the radionic association it has been accumulated with story after story of all sorts of weird things and today this morning I will try to give you the most concise factual information that I possibly can on what we know at this moment in time on the camera the camera is a remarkable work of one of our brilliant people who have worked in this field of radionics George Delaware, Marjorie Delaware, Corte and his associates and I dedicate lovingly this lecture to them and the pioneering work they have done in the discovery of new particles that we have in space that are capable of being recorded by this camera it is not only a system for recording a picture but it reveals that we are you and I high energy generators of fields we generate these fields propagate them in space and with very simple devices can record them on film or plate and they are equivalent to what we see in the linear accelerator where millions and millions of dollars are spent to capture these tracks that they study in the bubble chamber how can this be? This is the mystery and this is what I wish to share with you in the time that we have together, the realization that we are here on a forefront of new science the science of mind the science of spirit and above all the science of the soul. That which brings man into the image and likeness of a divine mind or God. Working with these instruments, I come to total realization of the divine supreme mind that exists everywhere, I come to the realization that we are one, that there is only a mind mutti of differentiation in this physical form which we call matter, but when we step up the vibration then that matter takes on this divine aspect and radiates that perfection of the one mind and that is what you can see in this camera, provided you set the rates and the dials correctly.

It has taken a lifetime but every one of you here are equally capable of operating this camera. To understand the Delaware camera you should know a bit of the phenomena of luminescence the conversion of energy in solids the principle of luminescence comprises the absorption of radiation by a gas liquid or solid a quanta of radiation there is then a perturbation of the atomic structure or electronic cloud pattern around the nucleus to a higher energy state this then either spontaneously degrades back to the ground state this higher energetic state is called the conduction band the lowest state is the state of equilibrium or rest that rest state is still in a state of vibration or motion, when these particles of energy or quanta are absorbed there is a shifting of the crystalline lattice structure, it perturbs, now you can build into this patter blattis a discontinuity by a proper heating and cyclic perturbation of your furnace so that when the energy moves in this conduction band it locks into one of these defect lattice systems, this then gives you the opportunity to thermally agitate that crystal and then that quanta of energy moves up into the conduction band and out comes light out comes radiation out comes even x-rays, these are called phosphorus, as we have a quanta of radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum so we too have an equivalent state of quantumness in this area of energy we call mind stuff, eloptic energy or the energy of pranic force our mind can take the energy of space draw it in with breath accrete it into a pattern oscillate that pattern and expel it with the outgoing breath into a discreet vibratory force, that is what we capture on plate with the DeLaWarr camera to capture that we must do three important steps

Number one we set up a vibrating audio carrier wave we set up a note or tone which beats in harmony or in synchronization to the fundamental note of the earth frequency and our note what you generate in the radionics rates that you determine with the turning of the dials is your note what you determine is the oscillating vibration of matter consolidated into form because when matter is brought into form it oscillates it manifests its form by a vibration when you interfere what that vibration matter does not exist you can disintegrate matter by just interfering with its form a minut interference with the form aspects of the matter separates and no longer is. Now we must do three things it's a triple hologram what is in the camera.

One, you find the resonant oscillation of the earth frequency with a spiral dial and you set that

Two, you set a carrier vibration of your frequency and you set that note to superimpose it on to any random noise all you need is a bit of vibration and you modulate that vibration with your carrier wave and it is transported and ...

Third, you set the vibration of an object that you wish to investigate or look at.

And in so doing that it injects its carrier wave on a noise spectrum white noise now the remarkable discovery of George DeLaWarr was that sound can be transported by a magnetic field sound can be directed and consolidated or burst through a magnetic field a bar magnet the basic discovery of George Delaware was finding that he can tune these vibrations and focus them in space with a magnetic rod and in so doing bring a burst of energy which is no longer sound but a preform of matter it is the precursor towards that which we call the material world so he then can bring into being through the transposition through a bar magnet of sound a formation of a preform of matter that then can be reflected with parabolic reflectors focused with lenses onto a sensitive plate now you deal with only one aspect of what I am saying and you will only get a stripped version incapable of understanding when you look at the plate when you deal with all three aspects you have a multi-dimensional hologram which now with a flat plate I am seeing but a fragment I will be working when I return with stacked plates plates set at many multiple angles but above all liquid crystal systems which will give me the chance to see the multi-dimensional aspects of what we are talking about.

Because of the time constraint given to me in the first part of this lecture I'm consolidating matter and bringing it into a tighter time schedule we must do this unfortunately at all times so I'm trying to create first for you a mental picture of what takes place and then you will see it on videotape and you will see the actual plates that I have taken and I have here with me as well.

The results so far are the following I have observed on plate images which act on the silver halide grains they will darken the silver halide and form dots trails and patterns the most precise pattern I have had has been the water molecule pure h2o and there I get a double spiral pattern and what is truly remarkable is that when you go back to the book by George Leadbeater and Anna passant occult chemistry and you look at the Nu or the atom as described by them you will see that picture on the plate that I have taken now if that is not a coming back to home.

Now what I find is that the camera generates particles of energy of varying velocity the camera generates particles which when they impact on the plate have such velocity that they will not sensitize the silver halide but form tracks these tracks now are of multi-layer dimensions, the film that I am using at this time is a film design for Lantern slide projection so it consists of a glass plate with a silver halide emulsion on it gelatin and then a top coat of gelatin as well so it has a protective film on the top when I carefully study these tracks with darkfield ultra PAC microscopy using a 42 X objective I see that that top layer has been etched with tracks and these tracks have periodic oscillation to them there is a periodicity according to the program that I set up in the dials and intension that I put into the Machine that periodicity is concomitant with my intention I'm beginning now to see the geometric form of thought because the mind of man expresses his thought in geometric patterns these geometric patterns are identical to what we see in the crystallographic world the geometry of mind and the geometry of crystallography are identical and I'm beginning to find them I'm beginning to see the bravest angles and the space groups one sees in crystallography and this I am dedicating my life to because this is science and not illusion or imagination.

I wish at all times in this work to remain a scientist to be focused in thought to achieving truth and not a mass of illusion because one can be lost in a quagmire of information which has no substance to it but it is our intuition that guides us it comes from a higher power to look for that but not this because in that haystack are a few needles and I'm going to now show you some of these needles this crazy microphone nineteen hundred and seventy four I had the opportunity to visit George Tansley at Oxford England and go with him to Lavender dour and miss Beuerlein at Swinburne cottage in Oxford England they had in their beautiful cottage many hundreds of years old in the third floor the Attic the only existing mark four DeLaWarr camera they have had that camera close to 15 years and have taken hundreds of plates with the camera, however they could only make images when ever Corte came to their cottage loaded the plates the same as he did with George DeLaWarr and then they had images, they persisted for 15 years and thousands of exposures with no result except for Corte.

George DeLaWarr suffered the same experience he suffered the ignominy of having the camera where he got magnificent plates one day and then tried to demonstrate to a group of scientists from the Royal Society and nothing but blank plates to the end of his life he never had the understanding or explanation of why this did not work, except to say that Corte had to load the plates, I was with Corte a few months ago and right after I spoke to the radionics Association in England he has an obsessive fear of the camera he himself cannot operate the camera he had tried repeatedly he told me personally that they made 2,000 exposures on the camera before they got a single plate but with what they thought was meaningful results 2,000 exposures at the DeLaWarr laboratory is only the base cabinet but not the top electronics or I'm sorry optics.

I said Corte you can put it together why don't you operate it? he will not for this reason. I now have the camera because when I went to England and just before I went I read this book "New worlds beyond the atom" by Langston day and I wrote in the book I can operate this camera because what is required is the principle of electro photography namely you must apply a charge to the plate and once you impute that charge a separation of charge must take place similar to the phenomena of an electric and then when a photon of radiation strikes the charge will come together and act on the silver halide prior to my going I had worked with quartz crystals as a power transducer for the energies of mind, I found I could transfer charge with these devices in space act on photographic film but above all act on the photomultiplier tube in space and watched the actions on a scope so I said it is logical then that I can take a crystal of this type charge the plate and we should then get images equivalent to what the DeLaWarr's have been doing.

So I went to the lavender tower and Miss fair line and we work together with George Tansley for one whole afternoon and here is the result that we obtained I used the image of my heart chakra and this is the image I got of my own heart chakra it was a heavily exposed plate the remarkable thing when we tried to clear the plate in the silver halide which was exposed it would not clear in fresh hypo I had to reach in lift the plate out and expose it to the light that was going on and then the unreacted silver cleared when you look closely on this picture you will see points of light what is referred in occult teaching as the nadis is the etheric Network the crossover points of energy fields are visible here I did this eight times in a row and each time was able to repeat with the uncharged plate which was totally blind I said that's enough it works it's real here is the crystal here is a procedure that we have set up go ahead and do it. To my sadness they could not do the work themselves as a consequence year and a half ago I wrote to them requesting the camera and they have sent it to me and I now have it in my own home.

In the camera there are many subtle but precise settings that are required and in the second half we will go over that you will see it then on to videotape you calibrate the camera with copper sulfate cuso4 and you get these tracks of the atomic radiation coming from a charged particle the charging is with your mind the energy moves out as ray patterns as it impacts at a point in space that you see here, but what the DeLaWarrs did not do and I was truly guided to investigate was to go within the plate itself. I was given channeling on this, I said is this information complete the answer was no, you must go within, and this is the way it works, so I went within with the microscope using dark field lights ultra pack objectives 42 X and now in going within the plate a whole new world emerged which now I share with you.

Now I'm going to stand here the glass plate is here and the scaler is given as well and what you are looking at will be the actual that each line division that you see is ten microns this is dark field so the engraved lines are shown as double lines now the first plate that is shown are the tracks that we're seeing and if you notice the systematic beat of the tracks and it's by lateral in other words it has a rhythmic pulsation to it these angles are consistent as well magnification here you're seeing is close to 800 diameters you can measure that if you compare each line up there is 10 microns, next plate here's another finer track you can see the beginning and the end of a track and that in that track there is a rhythmic bilateral pulsation and then there is a transverse line coming from that, another one, now if these don't look like atomic particles I don't know what is.

You can see the point of contact and the ring out a longer one and a shorter one these are the actual negatives the prints are in the notebook here that you can look at afterwards next one this is another track but when you look closely this one now is acted on the silver halide so each one of these minut points that you see here are composed of dozens to hundreds of points of energy not light energy acting on it's like a little tiny multivibrator pulsing on that plate producing these minut points and each one of them are precise and exactly what I am referring to is you take one small dot and inside of that dot is a whole series of myriad arrays of points which are exact said it this is just one plate now here is a two tracks the track to the right is an exposed silver halide track in other words a energy which is photonic acting on the silver halide the other track is highly energetic beyond that of the acting on the silver halide and is grooving the emulsion the plate itself I'd like to show you from which I have taken each one of these photomicrographs and you can't see it because of the magnification but these things it takes me about a week to work up one plate like this using a stereomicroscope up to 200 diameter magnification I examine and carefully I have a grid eyepiece then I go over and grid then then I start the process of marking.

This plate that you looked at is a study of a quartz crystal the healing crystal I'm in the process now have tried to get the patterns of energy that radiates from a crystal that I'm holding here in my hand so this is a study of the energies released from a quartz crystal now we'll get another set. This one is copper sulfate and you will see a completely distinct difference in pattern watch out for the plate. I'm really taking my life in my hands to bring everything here but I wanted you to see, here's another track very similar to the other one now watch some of the next series that you will see evolving very peculiar bilateral rhythmic oscillation, next plate, they are spiral there are swiveling because as I focus in optical sectioning going to higher magnification these are true styles if I take five pictures and do optical sectioning of it I come up with the helix these are helical structures some go to the right others will go to the right left most of these are turning to the right.

Now look at this here is a impact area the point of impact and you have two tracks coming out at right angles to one another look at the precision of the track and depth the secondary tracks you can see there and these are larger parallel tracks they will groove in but there I found this one track here where it impacted and it came out as a right angle burst

In the use and study of these in quantum physics you measure these angles, I find many of these are precisely 90-degree right angles other have differential angles to them and I'm starting to accumulate a library of these type of angles, next plate, look at this one you saw they begin almost the s the beginning and here's the end of the track it's a corkscrew spinning in space these energies are spinning in space.

I have yeah here's a beautiful now again is on the silver halide and it has unfortunately those of you back there cannot see if it is a very precise systematic pattern I think I have one more which is a big track. I set the program and I blanked my mind I've become one with the machine when I do that Christopher I feel a vibration I'm I cannot breathe during the one minute exposure I do not breathe I am totally linked to the machine I can do about three plates in one day's time. These are all types of energies that we're generating I'm just unappealing the cosmos that is correct this you're seeing for the first time I believe no one before has encountered this it I had to go within I had to get help from counseling from channeling for me to have done this.

Now look at this one look at the systemic spiral this is blowing up now to 2000 diameters that is not now with the 42 X but it's oil immersion with a hundred X objective so it's over two thousand diameters of this small one of these small tracts and you can see the precise oscillation that is going on there yes bring that up a bit .

In this period that we are together is give you some fundamentals that I've learned over the last ten years of studied my training is science and what I define science are as rather is the study of the events that happen in nature that can be repeated and then a theory attached to it that can be understood by the mind of men, we have different processes of our mind in when we deal with what we call matter, with what we see with our senses we can receive an impression only through the senses and that limits us to the electro magnetic spectrum. I am a microscopist I have done now close to 23 years of work and study through the optical microscopic medium if you dealt with your senses alone you could never succeed in the field of optical microscopy.

I have many hundreds of times captured on photographic film images that I cannot see with my physical eye I use my physical eyesight to align the optical path within the limits of the correction mechanism set up in the microscope, I then activate my third eye the sensor that we have between our physical eyes and begin to scan and look for the information content that is there, the pattern the summary of knowledge, I said knowledge because every bit of matter or energy moving in space is not random but accretes in systematic patterns reflecting its origin and once you can look for that, you go beyond seeing and you start feeling, you look through the object and see it in multi-dimensions and that is the core and the secret, namely I can see beyond a plane and get to that critical optical sectioning that brings that form into being.

Now I am sharing with you something that has taken me 20 years to learn when I make an an exposure through the microscope I have a zeiss ultra photo 3b automatic camera microscope it's about a half million dollars of equipment but still the operator must be there, I then work with the fine focus and start oscillating the fine focus up and down against an optical section that I set with my subconscious and higher mind my intuitive mind now that oscillation produces a sharpness of image which transcends the normal vibration that takes place in all matter because as I illuminate with light it causes that object to vibrate no matter how steady how much on a rock I place the microscope, but by building the vertical trajectory on a sub micron level I get a sharpness to image which is remarkable, these pictures that you see here that I've shown you are the result of that am I going in and some of these exposures are one to two minutes exposure so I'm holding everything steady no breathing totally focused and locked in to capture that moment of event and that is how you get them.

It is now a integration of myself into the microscope the microscope and myself become a unit instrument I and the microscope know and love one another, there is a sympathico a relationship that takes place, to learn curler illumination the critical control of the optical path I took two years of work night after night practicing till my eyes burnt I could barely see but at the end of two years I was ready to compete in the microscopic world and I did against the biological photographers Association and received the Charles W foster award. Only when you can bring the machine up to its maximum atonement can you transcend it you've got to bring any equipment to its point and when you get it to its point you move beyond the point to infinity then you're free then you explore.

We are obsessed and I underline that word with magnification we've got to get an object bigger and bigger so the only way to go is to an SEM or to finally to a electron microscope, it's not the reality because when you pump and put an object into an electron microscope it is dead, the life is out of matter when you put it into an electron microscope be it an SEM or TEM transmission electron microscopy you only deal then with a replica.

All matter in form has life to it all matter in form emits a radiation all matter in form is emitting its note characteristic of its pattern or geometric structure but above all reflecting in space its reason for existence but when you put it into vacuum and pump it down to 10 to the minus eighth or ninth that vibration ceases and you see only a dead skeleton.

Reflect on this, think about it, we have the ability when we mature and I'm only in a kindergarten grade at this moment with this DeLaWarr camera of capturing on film the ADEA metric form and pattern of thought we have the potential ability to truly see and measure thought Holograms. Thought now can be linear two-dimensional in form try in linear three-dimensional in form and finally multi dimension where we move into infinity spiral helix.

You take light ordinary light that we have here we polarize it with a linear polarizer what that does it takes the Rays of energy and combs it a linear polarizer will take the radiation and so you get then purely a transverse odds of oscillation going in one direction I put another polarizer at 90 degrees and it extinguishes the radiation the light goes out because now the transverse polarizer allows no ray to pass through it.

We do a very simple but remarkable event we put between the polarizer and analyzer what we call a quarter wave plate a mica plate what happens the ray of energy is bent and starts spinning we get then optical rotary dispersion or circular dichroism CD the energy of that radiation now spins we can have them a right-handed or left-handed spin to this radiation in the DeLaWarr camera is a polarizer, on one of the pass the path of the information of the object to be exemplified it, is the most difficult setting in the whole instrument of knowing exactly where to set that degree of rotation watch Andrea to start the elliptical rotation. When I don't get the set incorrectly I get two straight lines but when I make the proper setting to the polarization of that energy it starts spinning I come up with a whole new form of energy.

We have so much to learn from this machine I'm going to be building in the immediate future a DeLaWarr camera attached to a video system so we will be able to see in video the holographic patterns of thought, that thoughts are geometric and that in a geometric pattern of thought is information stored. Once I bring the geometry of thought and its crystallographic patterns into coincidence with the crystallography and patterns of the mineral world we find I am certain these will mesh fit and link.

It is my belief speaking now to you as an individual that this is the computer of the future, a mind computer, the ability to store them patterns and to read them back we need but draw our breath. I awoke one morning and in my mind class the following words records are written in stone records are written in stone and a repeated repeated until I accepted the thought and then started to act on it this is two and a half years ago records are written in stone not on still but in, as I reflected on these words and started the process of study I realized that with in the lattice of a crystal is enormous space but not empty space, that we, you and I can occupy that space, when we occupy that space the crystal oscillates, it vibrates in harmony with our occupation of this space and then emits a note a tone which is synonymous with that vibration, that is the backbone the fundamental basis of my cutting crystals for healing, for the therapeutic use of these in medical practice and in the release of traumatic conditions in the bodies of individuals.

This morning I will show it to you I am going to make a predictive statement to you what I hold now in my hand is the radionic instrument of the future it has all of the properties that one does with a black box, it has all of the forces that one needs in healing and it requires only that one train one body to deal with an instrument of this way. What you require in training is breathing exercises detachment being loving and not afraid to move into the future and try, above all the release of fear of the unknown.

One day when I was on a television program an idea hit me and I went in with this was in New York and tried something I had never tried before and I'm going to do it now for all of you, and then as I do it reflect on the whole philosophy and theory of radionics, in radionics we have a rubbing plate the function of the rubbing plate is to connect the program that we have in our mind and the object we are trying to attune to and when we come to resonance we get this stick the locking of the finger to the surface.

The original Delawares use rubberband and the finger sticks the later systems use hard McCarter plates the ultimate rubbing plate is a crystal because I can put the entire program of whatever I want instead of twisting a series of dials I take a deep breath put my intention between my fingers and now I have the primary oscillation I can attune to. Now I'm going to link to my own body to this by taking a deep breath and as I release my breath crystal links I'm linked now through breath into the crystal put my finger on I cannot move it's totally locked now to release watch draw the breath in now then suddenly let's go let the breath out again.

The intention I had was linking simple program now to attach to you focus on you and as I draw my breath in release the breath now I'm linked and you can feel a vibration being propagated to you the field is coherent between my left fingers is a vibratory radiation going on describe your sensation Dr. Nam right now watch when I draw my breath out, it's gone, the feel spirals the end of this crystal releases a spiral of energy in one direction the reverse direction has been cut by me in this one side is positive the other side is negative.

I am making now a grouping about 25 crystals for the Radeonic Association in England I go there in October and will be teaching their people to use these crystals in radionics the primary thing that I will be sharing with them that this becomes a precise antenna that they can direct the radiation to and reduce at a quantum jump the time of treatment from days to minutes there is no reason or need for the length of time of treatment because once the thought-form is released and injected no further treatment need to be given.

Thank you very much yes this is natural quartz crystal from Arkansas and in the second half I will be going into healing with the crystal but applying all the principles I've spoken to you about yes I have made this myself I've cut this from a natural six sided crystal this is now four sided I attune a crystal like this for the resonant frequencies of my body I balance it so that it is a total reflection of myself it's a precise Radeonic instrument.

Because in a natural crystal is stored the entire pattern of the history of its manufacture of its growth I have to cut away the eons of time that it is taken to grow to bring it into a new form give it new life by cutting it, fiscal vibration of cutting it shatters the feels-like natural crystal I cut it and the varying pressure I put on it I go into battle with the crystal physical battle using a 75 grit diamond flat lap and as soon as the crystal has given up the tone changes there's a difference in tone and then the crystal starts a polished and cut freely, but in the first stages is a growl as a noise it is a battle, yes no I cut the crystals for I can do that right get the tone for you I pick it up from your signature or your intention because once you broadcast what you want to do that becomes then available and then I draw on that.

You set up a frequency of your own body vibration it becomes insular and oh and only available to you, if it will do that but that does not bother you because you're in a vibrating frequency far beyond that of the electro I don't know yet it's still a mystery to me I've had to reverse the process of scientific application I've had a start from intuition doing, making and now I'm trying to learn what I have done.

Very simply if you're in the with me I have demagnetized a crystal first with either demagnetizing net electromagnet get its basic rate with the radionics equipment then you hold the crystal and then I get the difference of it and that's your rate then I cut the crystal to fit that it fits exactly.

This is the original shape I got from the Kabbalah the study of the Kabbalah that one sees in her reads of the Tree of Life and one sees this form in that when you see it you had a question at times yes well you make variations in your life I've had to cut two and three times we face the tip for the doctors I'm working with them working with about 20 medical doctors in San Jose and San Francisco and Sacramento these are surgeons orthopedist obstetrics gynecology we're finding as you saw in the article those who've you've read it doctor Lascaux has gotten extremely good results with herpes in removing of the symptoms of itching the pain with just a single application with the crystal.

The article I'm referring to was in the radionics review from England now let us carry on, as the atom is the unit of matter and expressed itself in a physical form we have in the pre physical state of being a energy we can call a vitality globulin these assemble together to form the units of life energy forms they are geometric and crystalline in their shape and form.

They form into dot patterns points of energy or points of light they can add together into dot arrays they form lines or they can assemble in circles squares rectangles triangles they assemble in space according to sound which accelerates these globules until they link together and form three-dimensional patterns, the resultant form then of these one dimensional shapes two three-dimensional forms evolves crystallographic patterns, these structures and begin to hold information because they have them the ability to oscillate in many directions to hold information by the change in the pattern and form. An idea is two-dimensional geometry a thought form is three-dimensional geometry these three-dimensional forms and patterns the mind enlivens with a vibration the soul is light, light and sound are synonymous ergo the act of enlivening is to put life or pulsation or rhythmic vibration into this form, much the same as what takes place when I take a deep breath focus on the crystal and pulse the crystal vibrates, a vibrant life energy ensues.

I think it is coherent because it is linear it is point-like and it is little time much the same as one sees in the speckle that one sees in a laser see these little points of life and the speckling action I see the same thing in these type of points and these are tracks that come from it but they repeat now this is the research is to find these patterns to find the conditions to measure these patterns which exemplify the light principle that matter has when thought imbues in it matter and energy are interconvertible but it is not the complete aspect of the Einstein equation what is missing is that preform the pattern of thought that holds matter in its form and that my friends is what I'm after.

I've been led to this in the early stages with the study of man plant communication, I used a simple life form a philodendron as a indicator of the energies of mind I will show you now a series of foils that are exceedingly interesting these were done many many years ago nineteen hundred and seventy one and seventy-two let's put this one up now these exemplified much of what I am talking about the best way I can describe it.

In here now we have on the upper track the 60 cycle hum of the equipment what you are seeing is a output from a Wheatstone bridge in which the two electrodes are connected to a leaf of a plant a philodendron, up and top there that's my 60 cycle hum now when I take a deep breath draw my breath in you will see a change in resistance I'm 15 feet away from the plant I'm not connected to the plant I'm just focusing on the plant I hold my breath then I release the breath, each small horizontal division is 1/2 millivolt so the horizontal division is 1/2 millivolt for a small division these are hefty signals, I then repeat the breathing process keep on the second third fourth time and suddenly there is a saturation in which now the deep breathing produced no further effect there is a equilibrium that takes place.

This shows a charge transfer mechanism taking place between my body and the leaf of a plant from these breathing experiments I went then to working with a crystal we put this one on in which now I held a crystal healing device first in my right hand and then in my left hand the top part is the balancing of energy charging of the plant with breath that you saw before and suddenly you see that come into equilibrium and no further change in other words my field and the plants field now become one, a synchronicity of vibration between the plant and myself so any small change now is manifest and recorded we come now and lift it up to the bottom track I'm now going to pump energy, like this rotate focus and then oscillate and now you see the results left hand you see spiking taking place which is identical to action potential stimulation that one sees in electro stimulation of nerve endings you see the spiking taking place here you see it here was just taking a crystal and just doing this to the plant, I go now to the right hand and look at the difference in frequency more than a doubling of the rate of vibration.

The remarkable thing is this diagram that you see to the right this laboratory oscillation takes place each time the act of healing is done on a patient when I focus on a patient or an individual I wish to serve or be of assistance to these type of rhythmic vibratory oscillations take place. There is an energy transfer which is rhythmic pulsing and works in time up to at times five minutes and then abruptly will shut off there was a saturation, so the energy one uses in healing can be observed and measured with a simple instrument like a plant.

The source of energy comes from amplifying the field with the crystal one can go deeper now so I've done in this one where I used a narco physiographic equipment and did multiple imaging, this experiment was done with Dr. Lee Sanella a projection of a thought-form from my home in San Jose to Berkeley California yes Tommy Wright GSR galvanic skin response yes now this is a multitrack system GSR and narco equipment so I had here the blood plasma graph of myself the GSR on the plant is the second one the third one is on myself and the blow is the timing in seconds and so I was at nine fifteen and a half where you have the red-blue mark and each one of those lines were one second within a few seconds when I released this thought form of a Star of David Dr. Lee Sannella recorded the same identical image in Berkeley there were seven other people that he was with.

So as within at it's a closest I know to exact timing of a mental thought the amplification of these signals that you see here were done by me with a crystal held in my hand, I were using crystals as an amplifier of the field, whole breath just hold the crystal quietly project the thought and now you see the signal as it was released there is the image release exact coincidence with the plant myself and the response in my blood physiology I don't know of another graph showing the coincidence of physiological changes when you release a pattern of thought.

Now let's move to the next thing does a thought-form exist in time and this is the exciting thing when you create a thought, there is now brought into being time and the best way I can see this is the following, here is a pattern that was taken many many years ago now but Dr. Dorfman a nuclear physicist in which he sat in my living room, I tuned mentally into him locked on to the plant and now had him think of his wife and you see then the bottom small burst and you have then 104 seconds the pattern of thought of Dr. Dorfman thinking of his wife.

I asked him to do this again the second time and here this is the third pattern this is the first one the second and now if you can bear with me I will overlay these here, there's three we've got three okay overlay the two of them show them top and bottom and then overlay him, that's two and then three now look at the coincidence that's two events happening subsequent to each other a thought-form being released in space and look at the overlay of data lift one off and lay it down again. I mean those of you who have done an analysis of images you can realize the code there is no coincidence to this, these are repetitions of patterns, the unfortunate thing is that Dr. Dorfman did not want to accept this and threatened to sue me if I were ever to publish this data, but he did this with me.

Push them apart from each other within one second of each other of the same all the patterns that there was more detail than one against the other number to point out to number two is that is number two and number three is right below it there you see there's more detail appearing now because he's working out more in his mind, but they overlaid on each other now the ultimate pattern I don't know whether ever do this again he worked at the linear accelerator slacks and I asked him to go with his mind to the linear accelerator and carry on in the experimentation and here is his mind moving to the linear accelerator, and now you can see a pattern of about a hundred and forty some odd seconds duration what was exciting in that series I asked him to repeat part of his experimentation he did that and when I we overlaid those graphs on parts of the experimentation bits and pieces of this fitted together.

Here is a pattern descriptor here on a graph of an entire mind experiment, so we do radiate in space these patterns of energy. I have found that it is not limited by time or space one can do it in a room or one could do it 8,000 miles away and do the same thing.

I have to link to you I become a shield I remove all secondary interference so I can get a clear signal otherwise you would have a signal like this with a mass of noise, other people who have done the plant experimentation I've tried to time and again to tell them this you are intimately part of the experiment if you don't do that you're going to get this signal superimposed in a month a lot of noise you have to do then a Fourier transform to pull out this signal I did the Fourier transform I cleaned up the signal to get a pure pattern and there you see the result purely by intention the intention was I want to get a clear signal of your thought of your experiment and out that comes it's not very complicated.

Now pardon me, oh yes, I did it for about two hours bits and pieces I have a whole string of charts on that about six or seven or more and this was a total experiment than I did parts of it I would get this part repeated or this or this so in a sense there was a complete code of the pattern of thought here now my friends take a look at this and look over the blackboard here on the DeLaWarr camera you see the similarity oscillations and tracks like them.

I'm trying now to take this which was done in 1971 into 1983 with a camera capture these patterns of thought and bring him into physical form that we can study as doctors scientists physiologist because we permeate space with thought we inject our mind into everything we do and we must learn to be prudent of how we act and the way we think. Now our mind, your mind releases a coherent vibration composed of a fundamental tone which is your body vibration, modulation of this tone is the FM modulation of this carrier wave with the information data and through this means we move matter and bring this information into form. Man is made to the image and likeness of God, in the beginning was the word, and through the word, matter came into being. We are capable of creation.


Empirical Evidence Supporting
Macro-Scale Quantum Holography in Non-Local Effects
with the DeLaWarr Camera

This paper presents a plausible theory of quantum holography to explain heretofore unexplained non-local events and by revealing new empirical evidence documenting the existence of such effects on a macro-level as demonstrated with the DeLaWarr Camera

The DelaWarr images vary from X-rays in that they produced a spatially-encodedthree-dimensional (3-D) effect (see Photograph 1A), similar to those possible via fMRI, which is detectable with the use of VP-8 imageanalysis technology (see Photograph 1B) and computerized digital 3-D software (see Photographs 1C, 2C).

Photo 1A. This original DelaWarr photograph was taken at the request of a distant patient who wished to determine her precise stage of pregnancy. Thephotograph reflected the fetal development between 8 and 12 weeks gestation (later confirmed by delivery date). a significant amount of skeletal structure can beseen in this image. Reprinted from Day L. (with DelaWarr G.) New Worlds Beyond the Atom. Republished by EP Publishing Limited, 1973; Fig. 30

Photo 1B (above). This rendering of the original DelaWarr photograph (1A) was created with the usage of a VP-8 analog analyzer that converts image density(lights and darks) into vertical relief (shadows and highlights). A normal photograph does not result in a three-dimensional image but in a rather distorted jumble of"shapes." Note the distinctive curvature of the fetus' head

Photo 1C (above). This rendering of the original DelaWarr photograph (1A) was created with the usage of Bryce4® software that digitally converts image density(lights and darks) into vertical relief (shadows and highlights). Note the additional spatial detail and three-dimensional nature of the photograph.


Article on the DeLaWarr Camera in

The Holographic Camera principles substantiates the principles in the Med Beds