Dr Marcel Vogel's healing techniques condensed





DISCLAIMER– The following instructions are not meant as a replacement for professional medical advice. Ask your health care professional if crystal healing is right for you. (Legal Requirement)

INFORMED CONSENT - Person understands procedure prior and that they are an active participant and that you are acting as a facilitator for them to heal themself.



Healing of Others Condensed Procedure:


1) CLEAR CRYSTAL- Clear crystal


2) CHARGE AND LINK TO CRYSTAL – pulse with love to link and rotate clockwise in hand and squeeze to charge crystal - Test charge (optional) – inhale=slides exhales=sticks (Video)


3) TUNE INTO ETHERIC BODY - Crystal 1-2” from thymus area left sensor hand at back – hold breath and rotate clockwise to resonance with etheric body. When resonant release breath


Rotate Crystal Clockwise to Etheric Field Resonance - Marcel called this the "critical rotational angle"

Thymus Gland is the Witness Area


4) BREATH IN SYNC TO UNIFY - Synchronized breathing together to build energy and unify with person


5) AMPLIFY FIELD - Amplify with up/down motion with breathing


6) PERSON IDENTIFIES DISTRESS SOURCE - Person goes with mind to source of distress and describes.


7) LINK WITH DISTRESS SOURCE - PERSON UNIFIES WITH IT– Start clockwise circles over thymus to link with the source of distress. Person to be at one with the source of distress


8) AMPLIFY LINK TO DISTRESS SOURCE - Link with area of source of distress increasing in speed with crystal spinning vortex over thymus area


9) PERSON LOCKS ON AND RELEASES ON COMMAND! - Build up breathing in sync and at inhalation peak have person focus on the source of distress, lock their mind on it and then command to RELEASE! Both pulse breath out in sync to release. Break the dissonant pattern apart and the connection. Support the person if they bend forwards with right hand at solar plexus and left hand at back neck down to base of spine.


10) STABILIZE AND REINTEGRATE - Seal the etheric incision operation with love using an up and down motion, then link all chakras into a large ovoid motion- To stabilize return hands to holding crystal over thymus with other hand on back. If appropriate give a big loving hug at end of session.




Dr Marcel Vogel demonstrating basics on teddy bear






Dr Marcel Vogel performing and instructing with his procedure on various individuals





Personal Perspective of Marcel Vogel's Crystal Healing Procedure:

Having been trained by Marcel utilizing the procedures that he taught and having used them on numerous individuals with various conditions, I know that his procedure had elements that were effective. We know that reality, as Marcel used to say "hinges on suggestion". Thus we have the placebo and the nocebo effect as a testament that establishes the power of our belief to affect reality and the health of our body. Our mind has an effect on the experiment (or healing experience) One can construct a system based on a belief, and that system will be empowered by that belief. The most powerful system is one which aligns with universal laws of nature and science. A few examples of some such elements are...

1) Vogel Cut Quartz Crystals
Quartz crystals resonant universally in the holographic reality matrix and are physically manifested on all densities at the same time according to Jen Hen Eredyon. Therefore it acts as a bridge to energetic patterns that are manifested on all densities within a human body allowing an energetic coupling directed by consciousness to allow for transformation of a dissonant pattern to one in harmony with the body. When formed as a Vogel type crystal it acts like laser to cohere the energies of mind and project it like a "surgical tool to operate into the fabric of space-time and universal consciousness" as Jen Han Eredyon described the properties of a Vogel type crystal.

2) Intention
As Marcel used to say regularly that "We are made in the image and likeness of God, therefore we create". This is true, as we are all fractals from the same source, and that source is creative. So where we place our intention, directs our creative energy toward that which you wish to accomplish

3) Love
Marcel once said "Our primary responsibility is to love" and that "Love is the glue of the universe and helps keep matter in form. When I love you, I empower you to bring yourself into a state of wholeness." When you use love with a crystal it has the ability to transcend the densities without dissonance and is therefore the most effective. As the higher you go in density or frequency, the closer you align your energy with source and the more you will be in resonance with the frequency of love.

4) Pulsed Breath
Marcel studied and practiced Pranayama Yogic Breathing. He found when he pulsed his breath through his nose, like a single round of the yogic breath of fire when experimenting in man/plant communication, that he got a greater effect. Jen Han Eredyon confirmed that a short precise pulse of breath had a greater ability to effect the matrix of reality.

5) Angular Resonance with the Crystal
When Marcel would bring a crystal to the Thymus gland area, by first rotating the crystal fully counter clockwise and then move in about 1-2 inches from the Thymus glad and slowly begin to rotate the crystal clockwise like you are tuning a dial on a radio to a particular freuency in which he received feedback of a resistance felt indicating resonance with that individuals etheric field. This is felt in the left sensor hand that is behind the body. Marcel used to call this the "Critical Rotational Angle". This angular resonance is demonstrated in all radionic and psychotronic type devices for tuning to reach resonance with anything in the universe. Even the molecular angles of water and quartz are at angular harmonic multiples or divisions. i.e. quartz 52 degrees and water 26 and 104.5 degrees and are what I term "angular harmonic resonance". This is how information between quartz and water is easily transferred. Marcel always used to say to me that these technologies are "akin" to those we know in standard physics. This harmonic transference is similar to how a radio station's music can be heard on a harmonic multiple of the station's frequency. (Note these harmonics in radio transmissions are normally suppressed to not cause interference with other frequencies) There is something about the quartz crystal lattice structure that when rotated near a persons body, that a resonance peak will occur that can be felt at a particular angle of the crystal rotation with the person's DNA frequency.

6) Visualization
As is said, that "energy follows thought". Visualizing is key in directing our creative consciousness in seeing the source of a dissonant pattern as well as releasing this pattern from the body and then sending love to fill the area that has been healed

7) Ask and you shall Receive
Every conscious being is connected to an intelligence matrix, that when a question is asked it will draw to it the answer. This is the basis of how dowsers and psychics are able to access information that the analytical mind does not have access to. So when you ask to be shown in your body the source of your distress, accept the answer you receive in whatever form it presents the answer to you. This is a key part of the healing process in order to identify energetically the dissonant source of pain and use your conscious intention to release it with the power of your mind coupled with breath.

8) Information Transfer via Breath
The process of breathing is not only involving the delivery of oxygen into the bloodstream and the vital energy life force of Prana or Phryll, but it is connected with an energetic transfer of information going into your body with the inward breath and the transmission of energetic patterns within your consciousness in the out going breath.



I think it is important not to get too caught up on exacting details of the procedure, but to understand the basic dynamics at play. In observing Marcel's procedure sequence these are some of the fundamentals I observed.


1) The person to be treated accepts responsibility for their participation in the release of the dissonant pattern in their body. This is essential, as you are merely acting as a facilitator in their healing process. It is important that you as the facilitator are completely unattached to the outcome of the procedure. You are purely putting yourself at service to the person.

2) Clearing the crystal from previous imprints. The crystal does store every interaction and this is critical that it is completely cleared before use.

3) Linking your DNA frequency with the crystal using pulsed breath into the crystal. This allows the crystal to become an extension of yourself

4) Rotational angular tuning of the crystal to the DNA frequency of the person to be treated, this is done in order to link your frequency with the individual in the Thymus gland area that acts as a witness for the entire body

5) Breathing in sync together helps to establish this unification of your energy with the person

6) Amplification of the energy which Marcel used an up & down and circular motions which will cause with intention an increase of energy into the body. This increase in energy will make any dissonant patterns in the body become more pronounced, similar to how electrical power through an electronic circuit which has resistance will heat up. This increase of energy sometimes increases the apparent pain in the area of concern and can actually be helpful to the person being treated in identifying more clearly the source of dissonance in the body. The crystal then bridges the multiple densities of the human body to allow the transfer on all levels directed by consciousness for the dissonant pattern to be removed from the body.

7) Directing the person to go in with their mind's eye and ask to be shown the source of their distress. This should be an effortless act, as the pain will help to direct the consciousness to the absolute core of the dissonant pattern.

8) The person utilizing the power of the pulsed breath, takes a few slow deep breaths in and out and then for the release breath takes a large breath in and then locks their mind onto the core source of their distress and on command with their mind locked onto that pattern, pulses their breath with the intention of fully releasing it out of their body.

9) At the same time the facilitator assists in pulling out and breaking apart the dissonant patter in sync with the persons release breath.

10) Once released the void of the dissonant pattern released is then reintegrated using the power of love and the chakras brought together in balance.






Healing of Self Procedure:



Using crystal on self




Healing of Self Condensed Procedures:


See above video for more details on the below procedures

To balance the body:
1) Clear the crystal of previous imprints
2) Hold both crystal ends with the left and right hands
3) Focus on a facet and pulse your breath then rotate to next facet (3 times for 6 sided crystal)
4) Reverse the crystal ends with the left and right hands and repeat the same

Going through the crystal to bring in bright light to the area to be healed:
1) Clear the crystal of previous imprints
2) Charge and link into the crystal by pulsing the breath
3) Take a deep breath and hold, close eyes and see tip of crystal and let your breath out
4) Holding the image of the crystal, breath in and go from the crystal to the area to be treated
5) Breath in and bring in clear bright light and release it with breath through the crystal to that area

Rotate crystal into your etheric field and then visualize area to be healed:
1) Clear the crystal of previous imprints
2) Rotate crystal to resonance of etheric body using left hand to sense
3) Confirm resonant connection through movement
4) Close eyes and go into the crystal with pulsed breath
5) Go into area to be treated and visualize what needs to be done
6) Go with circular motion
7) Draw breath in increase speed and release