"The mind of man expresses his thought in geometric patterns these geometric patterns are identical to what we see in the crystallographic world the geometry of mind and the geometry of crystallography are identical"

- Marcel Vogel








What is the structure of the Matrix?

How is this related to the geometries of the elements of quartz crystals and water?

What has this to do with the resonance of Love and Beauty?


How we can co-creatively participate in creating our reality with a crystal?










What personally inspired my research?










In 1977 I experienced an exchange with a being while at the same time having a high level of Kundalini energy going through my body. The energy coming from the beings eyes was very intense, yet very loving. It felt as though the being was teaching me something. It telepathically projected a sphere in space. As I observed the sphere, one geometry started to form that appeared to be a star tetrahedron, then another geometry connected to it, and another, and another, until it went into what appeared to be infinity, then it turned back into the solid sphere.
The concept that was being shared by this experience, was that each individual is in actually a perfect sphere that contains all of the geometries, but at our current evolution state, we are resonating with a certain geometry, frequency or dimension. We can be conscious of the sub frequencies/geometries but not of the higher. Through love, we are able to shift our current state to the next higher frequency/geometry incompassing more the sphere.

I don't know if this teaching from this being was meant to be a metaphor or based on actual science?

Prior to this experience I had no knowledge of what platonic solids were, nor was I aware of the science of sacred geometry. It left a burning passion in me to understand everything I could about the relationship of geometry and consciousness that could reveal the nature of the matrix we are in.

This is what led me a few years later to seek out the scientist researching this area of science, Dr Marcel Vogel.



Unbeknown to me, strangely that same year 1977, Marcel Vogel was also having a Kundalini opening experience on top of a sacred mountain in Trivandrum, India.












The Journey to the Scientist Researching Crystals


"Our primary responsibility is to love"

- Marcel Vogel



Dr Marcel Vogel in his laboratory











An infinite matrix structure revealed











64 Tetrahedral Grid

The Flower of Life


ETs giving us clues



The inherent geometries of all spherical bodies in the universe


Star Tetrahedron

Sun (sunspot patterns that do not go above 19.5 degrees north or south),
Mars (the Olympus Mons shield volcano, three times higher than Mount Everest, at 19.5)
Venus (two volcanoes at roughly 19.5)
Earth (the Hawaiian Islands at 19.5)
Jupiter (the Great Red Spot at 19.5)
Neptune (the Great Dark Spot at 19.5)

Dodecahedron and Icosahedron Earth grids

Planetary Orbits


Kepler Model


Fractal Scaling from proton to the universe













Oscillations create geometric forms



"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.
We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind.
This mind is the matrix of all matter"

- Max Planck - The father of quantum theory




"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of
energy, frequency and vibration."

- Nikola Tesla



The form of matter is created by the standing wave patterns of oscillation




Platonic solids in the nucleus of the atom


Periodic table of elements arranged into a tetrahedral structure










Phi the ratio of resonance into the infinite



21 Phi ratios within the Pentagram

Phi ratios expressed in the human body




DNA Geometry



DNA dodecahedron model showing the 20 standard
amino acids organized in space according to water affinity.




The ellipsoid or egg form and its relationship to the two polarized foci to Phi




Expressed throughout nature


Geometrical energetic fields of the human body










Phi expressed in the 52 degree angle



52 degree angle of the Great Pyramid and Phi


The Great Pyramid


Quartz Crystal



Geometrically the 52 degree angle is revealed in the following relationship of the vesica piscis




52 degree (51.84) cutting angle of the Hyberbolic Cone yields a "Golden Egg" of Phi proportions

Victor Schauberger designed a hyperbolic funnel by mapping the relationship between frequency and wavelength of the harmonic series. This essentially traces the balance between extended wavelength of lower energy and contracted wavelengths of higher energy. This is also describing the magnetic and gravitational potentials inherent in the "inverse square law". (Consider how the potentials of the gravitational field of the masses are often represented by funnels such as the one above, and also to represent the curvature of the spacetime of relativity. Even the orbits of the planets are also traced in hyperbolic relation).

Now if we cut this funnel to 51.84 degrees (the angle of inclination of the Great Pyramid) there remains the form of the "golden egg" whose proportions are 1 to Phi.




The Universal or Female end of a Vogel cut crystal is set at 52 degrees

A properly cut Vogel crystal has the tips aligned with the "C" Axis or growth axis of the crystal

The energy of the crystal spirals from one tip to the other












Angular Harmonic Resonance


All of the resonant frequencies of the entire universe
can be attuned to within a 360 degree circle

This is the principle of the science of radionics


Malcome Rae in England developed over 25,000 of these cards with different angles to represent different substances





Turenne was a professor of physics lecturing on the propagation of radio waves at a military academy in France and the inventor of the Turenne Coil which figured prominently in the early days of radio transmission. He invented a disc which would indicate the harmonic color of any object according to its vibrational field. The method was to use a pendulum which would detect the angular orientation of any particular element in nature.



The Angular Harmonic Resonance between Quartz and Water


2 x 26 = 52 degrees

The common bending angle for water molecule is commonly 26 degrees (26 x2= 52)


1/2 of 104.5 = 52.25 degrees

The intramolecular bonding angle for the water molecule is 104.5 degrees


Geometrical angle multiples transfer information similar to
how frequencies generate harmonics that carry information



Transfer of resonant energetic patterns from quartz to water

52 degree quartz to the 26 and 104.5 degree angles within water



The "Critical Rotational Angle"
Is what Marcel termed that when the crystal is rotated clockwise into the etheric energy field at which the crystal comes into resonance at a particular angle of rotation, at which point resistance is felt.





Magic Squares another form of angular resonance










Universal resonance of Quartz and Water



Quartz Crystal SiO2



Quartz has hexogonal and tetrahedral geometries similiar to water



Quartz Crystal unlike Glass allows all the frequencies to pass unimpeded


Russian experiment showing all light frequencies pass through quartz



Quartz Crystal can be resonant on multiple dimensions at once





Water H2O


Water structures optimally at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit

Hexagonally structured water is the most assimilative and healthiest to consume


In an experiment, a few drops of water from a "sacred spring" placed into a large container of bulk unstructured water transformed all of the water in the container to have the same high energetic level of that of the "sacred spring". Important to note that the higher structuring affects the unstructured, but not visa versa.


The higher the energetic frequency of the water, the greater the degree of structuring is present




The geometries of quartz and water both similarly have tetrahedral and hexagonal geometries.


A discovery of the universally resonate nature of water was made
from drilling deep core samples of frozen water taken from the Antarctica.

All crystallographic forms can form in water as it is universally resonant

It was found that all of the crystallographic forms of the 7 major classes can be formed in water as it is going from water to ice crystals. Showing that the geometrical matrix of water, which has the similarities of tetrahedral and hexagonal structuring of quartz, can universally conduct the full spectrum of geometries manifested in nature. This is key to understanding that the fundamental geometry of this structure serves as a universal matrix for all forms.

All the major crystallographic forms can form in water








The spiraling vortex that couples dimensions




Crystals grow in left or right spirals as the energy vortexes through the crystal




The Earth Grid


At the nodal point intersections of the grid, the frequency of the geometry of one grid vortexes and couples to the frequency geometry of the next grid







The resonance of Love and Beauty



"Love is the glue of the universe and helps keep matter in form.
When I love you, I empower you to bring yourself into a state of wholeness."

- Marcel Vogel



Love vs Hate

Dr Masaru Emoto's Research



Beauty to the eye is the resonance of the infinite matrix


A research study showed that the human brain perceives unconsciously the most perfect proportion,
given that subjects overwhelmingly selected the only golden rectangle of the series.

The beauty of the human form incorporates the Phi ratios


Distortions from the Phi ratio are less pleasing to the eye










Amplification and Storage within the Crystal

"The energies we are studying in the laboratory
are akin to those in known physics"

- Marcel Vogel



The energies of mind cohere through a crystal similar to a LASER







The crystal lattice structure has the ability to amplify conscious intention


This matrix within the crystal has the ability to resonate at the fundamental source structure of all mind and matter

When a thought is projected into the crystal, it resonates on multiple dimensions at once

On the higher dimensions that are being resonated, which form the lower dimensions, this has a powerful effect

Especially if done with love. As love resonates in alignment with the higher dimensions.

At the higher dimensional level it transfers this to the fundamental core of the collective consciousness.

This in turn affects the collective agreed upon reality of the many minds of which each mind is a fractal of.

So your thought and intention through the crystal is multiplied in great magnitude

With love in service to humanity



Likened to the effect of many minds meditating on an intention to affect the collective Morphogenetic Field

Using a crystal is like multiplying your mind's thought field



As how a thought is likened to a drop of highly structure water that goes into the ocean of the collective unconscious mind, affects the entire ocean of mind


  "When you go deeper within yourself, within who you truly are to find the original seed droplet of consciousness, the singularity of the vortex of consciousness, you just are and you just are aware to just be, and you understand everything reaching this state of seed droplet of the whole ocean the seed consciousness can really help you to see the world, everything as it really is, just waves on the surface emotional reactions are only reactions, the only true emotion that is at the core of all consciousness is love "

- Elena Danaan



Similar to how an electromagnetic phased array antenna can amplify a signal


A phased array antenna has a structure akin to that of a crystal lattice structure


The quartz structure has the ability to store information holographically

Stanford University physicists have demonstrated the first fully digital model of a device that stores information as a hologram within the subatomic structure of a crystal. The scientists were able to store and retrieve a holographic image of the Mona Lisa. The crystal stores information in three dimensions and could be ten times faster than the fastest systems currently available.

Illustration only

The Mona Lisa stored in 3 Dimensions in the crystal


"Records are written in Stone"

- Marcel Vogel











Crystals used in the ancient past and future




Crystal Scyring




Crystal Shiva Lingam in India





Druids using Crystals






Native American Shamans using Crystals





Crystal discovered in Atlantean Pyramid





Pyramidal Crystal Phyrll Energy Generators




Dr Marcel Vogel analyzes the claimed Pleiadean extraterrestrial metal and crystal samples






Crystal Skulls

Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull




Space Arks currently being discovered in our solar system are being activated
According to Elena Danaan, her contact Thor Han Eredyon said that the crystals in these Arks
allow them to be physically manifested in multiple dimensions at the same time











Applications and use of a crystal




"Man is made in the image and likeness of God
Therefore we create"

- Marcel Vogel



“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”

- Nikola Tesla


Pythagorean "Star of Creation" with the creative point in center

Between the positive (male) and negative (female) triads exists the point of creation

In the most ancient occult writings such as the Stanzas of Dyzan, in regards to the structure of the "web of life" it describes a hexagonal six sided matrix with the central point within each hexagon being the unmanifest creative point of spirit balanced between the male and female triads. This description is akin to the structure of quartz and is revealed in the piezoelectric effect of the displacement of the polarity charge centers. Pythagoras called the 6 pointed star with the dot in the center the "Star of Creation".


The Piezoelectric Effect



The Pineal Gland at the center between of opposite hemispheres of the brain

The Pineal Gland is made up of liquid crystals and is luminescent


Similar to a multi-resonant liquid crystal antenna



Pulsing of the breath creating a greater response

Breath connected with information transference



Note that the valence bands in water around 3000 to 4000 angstroms
are permanently altered after thought was pulsed into a test water sample measured on a spectrophotometer, demonstrating the effect of the pulsed breath. It could then be seen to be cleared with the intention of clearing using the breath.




Vogel Cut Crystals with varying number of sides

The number of sides determines the vortexial spin within the crystal




A Gift from the Stars

The following is a brief summation of insights into the science of crystals
by Jenhan a Pleiadian from the planet Erra, as relayed by Elena Danaan



Crystals and the geometrical holographic grid of reality of the planetary matrix


The energy of thoughts are geometrical and can reshape the holographic grid of reality.

The core holographic structure of quartz crystal is the purest material in the universe and is resonant with the earth's planetary matrix, and is therefore connected to every living thing on the planet. A quartz crystal creates a current in your body that can connect into this planetary matrix. The fundamental core of this matrix is based on tetrahedral fractal geometry that resonates within the crystal lattice structure which acts as an interdimensional bridge between dimensions. Water, Quartz Crystal and the complex holographic structure of Love are all derivatives of the core fractal formula that patterns the universe, and is why they all interface naturally.

Crystals exist in different densities at the same time. They are natural bridges into the higher densities that form the lower densities, in which the frequency of love allows an intended visualization to imprint into the crystal to transcend into the higher densities of the holographic matrix without dissonance. This allows the crystal to bridge the new pattern to the existing one. The new pattern will force themselves onto the old and the old will morph into the new reality.

To effectively embed a visualization with loving intention, the crystal must be first cleared of previous patterns that have been imprinted. A rapid precise pulsed breath through the nostrils carries the information of your intention along with the encoding of your DNA and your soul. With the intention to clear the crystal, pulse your breath with that intent. Now the crystal is ready to be rewritten. A natural crystal as formed in nature can work, but irregular cut shapes lose the lattice structure alignment and are less effective. The power of the crystal can be further enhanced if it is cut in a di-pyramidal form according to the research work of Dr. Marcel Vogel, in which the crystal is cut in precise alignment with the lattice structure of the crystal.


Original text of questions and answers from Jenhan in PDF document







Comparing corroborating information by Jenhan and Dr Marcel Vogel


The energy of thoughts are geometrical and can reshape the holographic grid of reality:

Everything in the created universe is constructed on a geometrical holographic structure. “The energies of mind”: I like that it is worded as such, because there is a difference between this and the electrical brainwaves. The energies of the mind are fractals of consciousness “solidified”, in a way, or shall I say, that have taken form as a geometrical manifestation. A thought creates an electrical projection. An energy-thought reshapes the holographic geometrical formula of reality. It rearranges the micro-connections linking the fractal elements. Thought can reshape the holographic grid of reality because thoughts are complex geometrical patterns. The crystal will bridge the new pattern to the existing ones, and if the impulse is strong enough, the new pattern will force themselves onto the old and the old will morph into the new.

Dr Marcel Vogel:
The mind of man expresses his thought in geometric patterns these geometric patterns are identical to what we see in the crystallographic world the geometry of mind and the geometry of crystallography are identical

We have found also that when a thoughtform is released into space, two things happen. Thought is contained in geometric pattern forms in space, causing that space to oscillate. That oscillation, in turn, acts on matter that is in space.

The primary pattern of a thoughtform is held in the etheric body of an individual. It fits into a geometric form, much the same way as the energy of our minds fits into the geometric form and pattern of a crystal. It is my belief, from our studies, that there is a great similarity in the structure and symmetry between the energy body that surrounds an individual. When we think, we generate a pattern, and this pattern locks into space. It then oscillates and radiates a field that acts on matter. This is the energy that follows thought.

The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance. When it is cut to the proper form and when the human mind enters into relationship with its structural perfection, the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power of the user's mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form, and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will.


The energies of mind cohere through a Vogel crystal similar to a LASER








The core holographic structure of quartz crystal is the purest material in the universe:

The core holographic structure of quartz, the purest material in the universe, is as I said based on the same core fractal formula than water, and both are interdimensional bridges. Tetrahedral geometry is one of the main frequency keys used to build worlds and life-forms. Tetrahedral fractal geometry is the secret of the universe.


Platonic solids in the nucleus of the atom


Periodic table of elements arranged into a tetrahedral structure



Crystals exist in different densities at the same time. They are natural bridges:

Love is not only a frequency. Your people will learn that frequency is a holographic geometry. There are three types of holographic geometry: atomic, energetic and photonic. These three arrangements create each, in their domain, a hologrammatic structure. All three generate a specific frequency that will resonate either through matter, energy or light. The reverse process is also active: when you generate a frequency, it creates a geometric pattern that imprints the ether. The geometrical frequency patterns that you just created alter -or create- a holographic structure of matter, energy or light. Now you need a bridge from ether to matter, energy or light, and can be technology or crystals. Crystals exist in different densities at the same time. They are natural bridges.



Earth’s quartz crystals resonate with it’s planetary matrix:

A quartz crystal, or any mineral is in resonance with the planetary matrix it is born from. When you bring your frequency-thought on the same resonance as the crystal, or any type of mineral, you attune also to its planetary matrix.



Quartz crystal creates a current in your body that can connect into the planetary matrix:

You take the mineral/ crystal in your two hands. It creates a current. Best is to have one in each hand but it works also with your two hands on one single crystal. Your hands must not touch. The current will work naturally. It is even better if you are in direct connection with the soil of the planetary matrix. You intend to make one with the planetary matrix. The crystal is the connector if you will. Quartz is best. Always works. Quartz is found throughout the whole universe. It is a fundamental component. You know you are in resonance when you feel it. It's like a shiver in your whole body, from your heart center. You may even hear the crystal singing the frequency of the planetary matrix.


When you plug into the morphic grid you are in connection with every living thing on the planetary matrix:

Imagine a mycelium veil wrapping around a planet, it interconnects everything because it carries information, constantly, simultaneously and towards all points on the web. Well, a morphic grid is a medium that does exactly the same thing. It is sentient, but not as you can comprehend it. It is conscious should I say. When you plug into it, you are in connection with every living thing on the planetary matrix, simultaneously. It is a non-organic consciousness constructed with frequency patterns in the shape of repetitive fractal geometry. There is one single mathematical formula for the whole of it.



Crystals can embed consciousness and be used to store fractal holographic patterns as used in med beds:

Crystals can store data just as water does, because constructed on the same fractal core formula, but crystals have way more capacities. Of course, they are the most elaborate state of matter. So elaborate that it naturally embeds consciousness. To answer this question: some med-beds technology use fractal holographic technology. Let me explain. The fractal core formula of the tissue to repair is recorded, and the perfect unaltered geometrical pattern is reconstructed and superimposed on the damaged pattern. The old pattern instinctively pairs and morphs into the new one, because the universe tends to perfection. It is a holographic fractal re-pairing. Sound frequency is used to “tie in” the new pattern to the old one. You remember how I explained earlier, that holographic structures are constructed or either altered by frequency?

Dr Marcel Vogel:
The energy of the mind is focused in space and has the capacity to expand the lattice system in which it is projected released with intention. The beauty of this concept and activity is that this information is locked in and stored with the crystal in much the same manner as one stores a magnetic domain on ferromagnetic surfaces, i.e. recording tape or magnetic recording discs.

In this way, you can focus your intention on the crystal, you can then extract the data, amplify the pulse, or release it as a projected burst of etheric plasma. This set of statements is the key, the heart, of the evolving technology of the use of crystals and crystal devices in Transformational Healing.

In our laboratory experiments, we have found that thought releases an energy which we can store in the lattice of a cut quartz crystal. These patterns of vibrations are stored and oscillate like a magnetic domain field.

We have seen in our laboratory the transfer of the energy of thought into a quartz crystal. We can retain this energy in exactly the same way that we store information on the ferro-magnetic material.

Quartz crystals will store the geometric pattern of thought in much the same way.

As we think, we produce patterns. These patterns are omnipresent. They transcend the electromagnetic spectrum. By their presence they act on matter. Matter is then moved to action, much as we experience sound and light.





Breath carries information from your soul:

Breath carries memories and thoughts, it also carries the energy of a being, not only the encoding of its vehicle DNA but as well the encoding of the soul. When you project breath, you also project by superimposing, a parcel of the soul/being. Hence a fragment of one's consciousness.

Power of the pulsed breath:

Short precise, surgical, powerful breaths are better than a long one. In a long one, the energy/intention gets absorbed by the Ether. In short quick breaths, the energy/intention keeps intact and doesn't lose intensity. I recommend short quick breaths, think about "precise surgical". Intention is like a needle: sharp and targeted very precisely to be able to penetrate matter.

Dr Marcel Vogel:
To be a healer, the science of breath is essential. Ancient wisdom and yoga can help move a person through
the various levels of consciousness.

As we breathe, we bring in a volume of air and it spins as it goes down the trachea filling our lungs with this air. As we hold that air in our lungs, a vibration, an oscillation takes place. In other words, the patterns of thought that are stored in space by the act of thinking are drawn into our body by breath process into the bloodstream with the information codes of our breath.

We charge our body with breath; we structure our subtle body with a chargeless energetic mass: prana.
With these two energies, breath and prana, we have the essential set of forces necessary for the creation of a thought form.

We hold a crystal in our hand, draw in our breath, focus our mind into the crystal, and suddenly release the breath through the nostrils with intention to link. A charge transfer takes place. We occupy the space between the lattice system of the quartz crystal.




Clearing the crystal before use:

The energy force that is a living manifestation of Source is being impregnated inside the crystal but beware, the crystal must be empty. This means: no residual emotional imprint, parasiting or charge. The crystal must be pure and clear from any form of energy, or consciousness even. I wouldn't say that at this stage, the crystal is really "empty", because it carries its frequency imprint, but I mean empty from anything that is not the original frequency signature of the crystal. In order to perform this action: embedding a fractal of your consciousness in a dynamic projection, into the crystal, the receptacle must be pristine pure. There are methods of purification I can tell about, the best is to run the crystal through a sound scan. You need instruments that create a high frequency sound, or trained persons can clear a crystal with their own consciousness. These individuals have reached a clear state of mind.

Dr Marcel Vogel:
What we have found is that both the vibration in the water and in the crystal can be erased by a bulk eraser for magnetic tape or by a focused thought the pulling in of breath and the sudden release of breath.


Quartz crystals, water and love all interface naturally based on the tetrahedral geometrical core fractal pattern:

Water, by its natural core structure, is a universal connecting medium. Love is of a more complex holographic structure, but from the same fractal core pattern -fractal formula- as water. Crystal is a derivative geometrical pattern from water and love, but built on the same core formula. This is why all interface naturally.

Dr Marcel Vogel:
The remarkable thing is all of the crystallographic forms that we have in nature now, and there are seven major classes can be formed in water itself, I repeat this statement carefully to you, water in the process of crystallization into ice will exhibit all of the patterns of the crystallographic world around us, it is the personification in a single bit of matter of all that is, it's a very very profound and meaningful statement. They have discovered this in the ice in both Antarctica and the Arctic by drilling cores hundreds of thousands of feet and pulling these core samples out and carefully pulling micro plugs under refrigeration of the ice and they find under the microscope all of the patterns of crystallographic forms that we have in nature. What we have found in our laboratory is that the energy of mind projected through a crystal will structure water just like it was frozen into ice, the remarkable and unique differentiation is that that water when it is structured the way I am talking to you now, with mind and with thought, remains fluid that's structured, that type of category is called a liquid crystal.

All the major crystallographic forms can form in water


We speak of vital water, we speak of holy water, we speak of water from Lourdes France, we speak of the sacred springs, each one of these statements I find to be true. When I have studied waters from various sacred locale I find a structure in that water which is unique from the bulk water. I got a sample of water from a sacred spring in Hungary and it exhibits an energy level that transcends anything I have seen anywhere, I get a little tiny vial, I take a drop of that water and put it in my reverse osmosis water and that water immediately has that charge which was in the original vial.




The frequency of love with a visualization acts as a universal bridge into the holographic matrix:

The frequency of love is the connecting pulse between all living things in the universe. Even through dimensional planes. Love is the universal bridge. It can bridge anything, I mean a-ny-thing, love is the tool. So when you intend love into a crystal, you activate its transcending capacity. When on the top of this action you embed a target by visualization, it bridges you to it easily. Love is a secure channel, because of the high frequency. It prevents dissonance. The target can be: a visualization inside the crystal of a place or a person, you can also embed a story by moving images or/and vocalization of the story, and you can either, also, embed just a sound: the name of a person or of a place. The more you superimpose layers, the better it is going to work. Repeat for the geometrical resonance. It will force the pattern into the holographic matrix.

Dr Marcel Vogel:
"Our primary responsibility is to love." “Love is the universal code, known by all nature, which brings order, symmetry, and its actions and service.” "I think that love one of the most necessary measurable units that we have on this earth plane." "Love is the glue of the universe and helps keep matter in form. When I love you, I empower you to bring yourself into a state of wholeness." “I, as a healer, only try to assist you to come to self-awareness. I just give you one thing - love.”

In doing therapeutic work with the crystals, we must be cognizant that we are providing a loving field. This field can be nullified by the act of a doubtful thought. All effects will come to a halt. It is the operator's belief in him or herself, the knowledge and assurance of what they are doing, that brings about this form of therapy.

Working in a loving way with crystals facilitates the transfer of this charge, generated by mind. In this way it is totally harmless. The crystal will amplify the weak field we first generate. As we release this field with intention and breath, the field moves like a laser into the energy, or subtle body, of the recipient. (i.e. the planetary matrix of earth)

In the work we are doing in the laboratory, we are striving to measure this force in water. It is our continuing effort to understand what these forces are and how they operate in nature. We are doing this by observing the structuring of water. This is accomplished by charging a crystal with thought and love, transferring this charge by a resonance process from the crystal to water which is being spun around the crystal in a clockwise direction. We complete this process by studying the water for change in pH, conductivity, and its ultra violet spectra changes.

When we think precisely, thinking in accordance with the well-being of an individual, that thought locks into the pattern of that person and starts the process of integrating the fields that we generate so that we become more and more of a cohesive, integrated, functioning individual. This says that we become one with ourselves. In this process of developing at-one-ment, we build the capacity, the energetics to move to a higher level of consciousness so that the love of God, the Divine Mind, can flow in and through our own body.


The reason why love can resonate at the high densities, whereas dissonant energies can not:

Dissonance cannot attune with an ordered state of geometrical resonance.

Dr Masaru Emoto:
"Water is attempting to communicate something to us. Negative emotions prevent the water from crystallizing. While positive emotions allow it to develop into beautiful hexagonal shapes.”



Crystal lattice structure alignment is important and is enhanced with a Vogel cut crystal:

Crystals have their own fractal geometry. If they are in their natural original shape they have it active naturally. If they are cut roughly they lose it, but if cut following the lattice structure they keep it, and can even be enhanced considerably that way. Thor Han tells me that you know what type of crystals correspond to what I say. (Thor Han confirmed Elena’s response that they are Vogel cut crystals.)



The 52 degree angle of quartz crystal and the Great Pyramid acts as a transponder in the holographic structure of the matrix:

This is a ratio that acts as a transponder. It is dynamic geometry. Some shapes, just because of their proportions, naturally affect the holographic structure of the matrix. We use this specific pyramidal ratio to build our Phryll (aka Vril, Chi, Prana) generators. Because the geometrical structure of the central crystal, in a generator, will interface with the pyramidal ratio of the building or the machine harvesting its energy.

Dr Marcel Vogel:
The large end of the Vogel crystal is cut to the same internal angle as the Great Pyramid of Cheops, 52 degress (51 degrees, 51 minutes or 51.84 degrees). The large, female, end draws in Prana (aka Phryll, Vril, Chi and lifeforce), which travels down the length of the crystal, being amplified each time it is reflected by a facet. This highly amplified Prana flows through the male end of the crystal where it is focused into a coherent, laser-like energy. Thus, the more facets the more amplification.

The phase angle within the vibrating ring of water molecules is 60 degrees (360 divided by 6). If there were 7 molecules in the ring the phase angle would be 360/7 or 51.43 degrees. This is the principle phase angle of quartz. Most of the internal angles of water and quartz are either fractions of this angle or multiples of it.

The fundamental geometrical pattern of quartz and water is the tetrahedron. Water molecules, bound together, form tetrahedrons in tilted or puckered rings. The common bending angle of water is 26 degrees. This is where the intermolecular bond is the strongest and it happens to be half of the interlattice 52 degree angle of quartz.

The second most common bending angle for water is 54 degrees which is quite close to the interlattice 52 degree angle of quartz as well.The interlattice angle of a crystal is related to the basal angle. The basal angle is ½ of the angle of the tip of the crystal. The interlattice angle of quartz is 90 degrees minus the basal angle which is 38 degrees. Therefore the interlattice angle is 52 degrees. This is also the angle of the Cheops pyramid.

The intermolecular bonding angle for the water molecule is 104.5 degrees. This is the angle that exists between the hydrogen atoms of each water molecule. It is virtually double that of the 52 degree interlattice angle for quartz. It is possible that there is a compatible harmonic between water and quartz because of the similarity of these angles. This would allow a resonant transfer of the energies that are imputed to the crystal to a significant group of water molecules in any given sample. The structure of quartz can replicate itself in water because of this resonant transfer based upon structure.

The geometric structure produces frequency patterns, harmonics, that can transfer from quartz crystal into water. Very small amounts of energy are required for this transfer.


The Universal or Female end of a Vogel cut crystal is set at 52 degrees

A properly cut Vogel crystal has the tips aligned with the "C" Axis or growth axis of the crystal

The energy of the crystal spirals from one tip to the other



52 degree angle of the Great Pyramid and Phi


The Great Pyramid

Quartz Crystal


Geometrically the 52 degree angle is revealed in the following relationship of the vesica piscis


52 degree (51.84) cutting angle of Victor Schauberger's Hyberbolic Cone
representing the curvature of spacetime yields a "Golden Egg" of Phi proportions




52 degree angular harmonic resonance between Quartz and Water


2 x 26 = 52 degrees

The common bending angle for water molecule is commonly 26 degrees (26 x2= 52)


1/2 of 104.5 = 52.25 degrees

The intramolecular bonding angle for the water molecule is 104.5 degrees




Focus your thought into the node center between the tetrahedral/hexagonal geometry of the opposite polarities which is the vortex singularity point within the crystal:

It works by finding the phase-conjugation node inside the crystal, by projecting inwards the geometrical shapes of the two opposite points, like a mirror. There, is the vortex singularity of the crystal. Focus your thought and energy just there, and you may project your consciousness to anywhere you wish in this universe, and the other universes. To other densities, other dimensions. Anything is accessible in space, dimension and time. This is great power, Elena. It is a very important information. I am honored to be allowed to share this with you.



Physical pressure on the crystal can open the central node vortex which can be powerful:

There is a very precise, specific pressure that you can apply to quartz, that will activate the compression node and open the vortex. The energy produced can be tremendous. This kind of operation must be conduced knowledgeably and wisely.

Dr Marcel Vogel:
To charge your crystal, hold it in your dominant hand and roll or rotate it clockwise while at the same time squeezing each of the facets of the body of the crystal. In a short time the surface of the crystal will begin to feel somewhat sticky. This is a superficial piezo-electric charge build up.

To charge the crystal, hold it in your dominant hand and rotate it clockwise while squeezing it with each rotation. The squeezing action elicits the piezo-electric property of the crystal. As you do this, the surface of the crystal will begin to feel sticky and a squeaking sound may be heard. This indicates that a primary charge has been built up on the surface of the crystal.

The Piezoelectric Effect


End of note corraborations between Jenhan and Dr Marcel Vogel














Simplified procedure to act as a facilitator in using the crystal with someone:


1. Clear the Crystal


2. Activate the Crystal with breath through the nostrils and become one with it. It is now resonate with your DNA and an extension of you


3. Rotate the crystal clockwise into the individuals DNA field into the Thymus area to match their resonance, when the crystal is at the correct resonant angle you will feel it

4. Doing deep breathing in sync with the individual, have them go in with their mind's eye to identify the source of energy distortion bothering them


5. At the peak of the inhaled breath have the individual lock their mind onto the distortion source and energetically RELEASE! with a rapid pulse in sync with them of the breath


6. Hold the crystal over the thymus area and restore the area affected, filling with love






Simplified procedure in using the crystal on self:


1. Clear the Crystal


2. Activate the Crystal with breath through the nostrils and become one with it. It is now resonate with your DNA and an extension of you.


3. Rotate the crystal to the angle resonant with your DNA in your opposite hand


4. At the peak of the inhaled breath lock your mind onto the distortion source. Visualize light through the crystal into the distortion area and energetically RELEASE! with a rapid pulse of the breath and project love into the area affected.




“The most practical thing I have learned in healing is to learn detachment. When you heal, you serve with all of your heart and your mind, and the moment you finish, you take one breath and detach. Whether [or not] the person is of no consequence - that is the key. You must be an observer, not a participant.” - Marcel Vogel




These simplified procedures are for providing a basic concept of the procedures taught by Marcel Vogel and have many details omitted
The information on this site is for educational purposes only.

Please note that the above statements have not been approved by the AMA, FDA, CDC, WHO or NIH.
Ask your doctor if the healthcare provided by the pharmaceutical industry is right for you.









Holographic Medical Technologies




1984 TV show on the future of energetic healing with crystals with Dan Willis and Dr Colette Fields

23:00 - 25:00 min mark 2 mins





Alex Collier describes the holographic med bed technology in how it works

12:30 - 17:00 min mark 4.5 mins - Credit



Alex Collier in this video describes how the med bed holographically functions:

"We can share this updated version as well for everyone with everyone, so let's just start it off with the med beds is holographic technology, it's also color light and sound, this knowledge has been around since before Atlantis on this planet and it has existed off-world for tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands possibly millions of years with others, with other star nations and star traveling pioneers. They understood a very very long time ago that our bodies are holographic, that we are essentially made of color light and sound and it wasn't until, I don't know 25, 30 years ago, that we were able to scientifically prove that by looking at the body under an electron microscope and what they did not see was physicality, what they saw was light. Now Nikola Tesla had talked about all these types of different technologies or concepts that he knew to be true simply because he was a genius, but of course he was having contact in his own way as well during his lifetime, but he was just the genius and I don't know that there's been anyone like him since, but the technology wasn't there for him to actually put all of this together to where it is today, unfortunately he didn't live long enough, so essentially what we're talking about here is healing the human body. Now the holographic camera that the Andromedian's use, it's they call it "a camera", what it does is it takes a picture of your body and this picture because it's holographic is a picture of the present time when the picture's being taken and it goes all the way back to conception and what they do is, they will go through the series of slides that are taken in this one picture and what they will do is they will pull out the particular slides of where your body was the healthiest, whether it's kidneys, liver, muscle, knees, brain, heart, it doesn't matter, and what they will do is, they will put those pictures together and create a new hologram and then what they will do is they will overlay that holographic picture onto your physical body literally healing it and renewing your body while you're there, it's just there are no words, and to them it's simple because they understand, they they have all the knowledge, nothing's been suppressed for them and they understand who we are and what we are, here on earth, however, and in other star systems that have been controlled and manipulated by the orion group, we haven't had that education or that knowledge, but nonetheless this technology is coming out, this technology has been created."


Know that our mind is continually projecting holographic patterns and recreating ourselves every instant




Substantiating how the holographic med beds function, was a project I worked on with Marcel that demonstrated the principles of how time can be attuned to within an individuals holographic field.



The holographic camera that could tune through time





Thousands of photographs were made with the camera

The camera is tuned into the fetus in a mother that is 50 miles away




It was patented by the European Patent Office in Paris, France in 1955



The De La Warr Camera fundamentals that substantiate the science behind the med beds

This device is extremely primitive compared to the med beds used in the secret space programs, yet it demonstrates the principles


The camera established that...

* A single drop of blood with the DNA frequency from an individual is entangled regardless of time and space and is a fractal representation of the holographic whole of that individual

* Sound and light can be used as a vehicle to recreate this holographic pattern

* Time is a tuneable vector of the magnetic spectrum and that spectrum within the hologram has a place in itself for events in time

* Any aspect of an individual can be resonated through angular harmonic resonance utilizing radionic type tuning dials

The camera could not work if this wasn't true


In the opinion of DeLaWarr...

"Time is a vector of the magnetic spectrum and that spectrum has a place in itself for events... There is a pre-physical world in which the camera might be expected to operate"



My involvement on this project with Marcel was to recreate it's operation based on the principles of the device, and use the then current 1980s electronics technology on this device that was built back in the 1950s, so as to be able to view the holographic projection in real time on a video screen rather than single shot photographs.




What is a hologram?

A hologram forms where the two beams meet. The reason this occurs is because the reference beam is purely coherent (meaning it resonates on an exact frequency of light) while the reference beam reflecting off of the object causes an out of phase relationship between the two converging beams. This phase difference between the beams creates in space what is called standing waves.

These standing waves create points in space where the information difference between the two light beams recreates the object in 3D at the converging point in space.

Illustration showing how the converging "reference" and "object" laser beams recombine to create a hologram. The DeLaWarr camera has essentially the convergence of attuned energetic patterns that recombine at the photographic plate area in order to capture a portion of this pre-physical 3D energetic field that is projected in space by the camera.




This original DelaWarr photograph was taken at the request of a distant patient who wished to determine her precise stage of pregnancy. The photograph reflected the fetal development between 8 and 12 weeks gestation (later confirmed by delivery date). A significant amount of skeletal structure can be seen in this image. The imagery was able to be moved forwards or backwards in time to show the various stages of development.



Below are diagrams of the unit from the European Patent Office





The following photos I took while working with the camera


Witness plates with a rotational magnetic adjustment between them


Inside the camera I measured the dimensions and discovered the entire cavity ratio to be the Golden Mean 1.618 ratio which the round sound resonators oscillated


The radionic dials are tuned to resonance through the principle that everything is enfolded into everything, and that any aspect of the whole can be attuned to as a divisional ratio of that whole.


The unique element of the DelaWarr Camera from other radionic devices is the incorporation of a Time Spiral of 7 turns in which the witness once attuned to could resonate at a different place in time to take a photograph in the past or in the future.


Once the witness was attuned to and amplified using the magnetic rotational dial and the sound resonators oscillating. The dials would be rotated and attuned to the aspect of the witness to photograph. If a time element of that aspect wanted to be photographed then the Time Spiral would be attuned to. These subtle oscillations would be projected upward in 3 axes into the separate compartment above which held the photographic plate. Above the plate 3 assemblies of lens and reflectors focused the energy back onto the photographic plate in which the silver emulsion on the film responded to and captured the image.



Article from the Journal of Theoretics reveals computerized analysis shows 3D structuring

"Empirical Evidence Supporting Macro-Scale Quantum Holography in Non-Local Effects with the DeLaWarr Camera"

This paper presents a plausible theory of quantum holography to explain heretofore unexplained non-local events and by revealing new empirical evidence documenting the existence of such effects on a macro-level as demonstrated with the DeLaWarr Camera.

The DelaWarr images vary from X-rays in that they produced a spatially-encodedthree-dimensional (3-D) effect (see Photograph 1A), similar to those possible via fMRI, which is detectable with the use of VP-8 imageanalysis technology (see Photograph 1B) and computerized digital 3-D software (see Photographs 1C, 2C).

Photo 1A. This original DelaWarr photograph was taken at the request of a distant patient who wished to determine her precise stage of pregnancy. Thephotograph reflected the fetal development between 8 and 12 weeks gestation (later confirmed by delivery date). a significant amount of skeletal structure can beseen in this image.


Photo 1B (above). This rendering of the original DelaWarr photograph (1A) was created with the usage of a VP-8 analog analyzer that converts image density(lights and darks) into vertical relief (shadows and highlights). A normal photograph does not result in a three-dimensional image but in a rather distorted jumble of"shapes." Note the distinctive curvature of the fetus' head











Creating our future through imagination




Imagine that...


A new beautiful world is now realized on planet Earth


All of the dark criminal elements that have done crimes against humanity have been identified and brought to justice, where they can no longer detrimentally affect the billions of lives on Earth ever again


Across the planet there is great joy and celebration for the liberation of Earth from these dark forces


The hidden suppressed technologies of the secret space program are now no longer secret and are being put to use benefiting all of humanity and our planet Earth


All human trafficking and slave operations have been dismantled in our solar system


The deceptive centralized control of information by the mainstream media has been completely shutdown, as well as their control of social media on the internet and are now public utilities in service to the public


Open contact with advanced off planet cultures allows the people of Earth the benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of cultures thousands of years in evolution


Our education system with the assistance of advanced cultures gives children the opportunity to reach their highest potential in understanding science and the Earth's true history


The corrupt medical and pharmaceutical corporations that operate for profit are replaced with the release of the advanced holographic medical technologies, alleviating all suffering from sickness and disease for everyone


Life spans can now be realized into the hundreds of years


Overpopulation is not a concern with remote areas now able to be inhabitable as well as off planet locations


All obsolete and dangerous technologies of nuclear, oil and coal have been replaced with clean zero point energy systems


Replicator systems create anything to be formed out of the matrix


The basic necessities of water, food and shelter are now available to everyone

A new Quantum Financial System replaces our easily corruptible monetary system


A new Quantum Communication system utilizing the principles of quantum entanglement replaces the distance limited and biologically harmful electromagnetic communication system

A new Quantum Internet allowing almost instantaneous secure access to greater data


Anti-gravity systems replace all transportation systems


The oceans are cleared of radiation and toxic to life waste


Weather engineering is no longer used as a warfare tool


Humanity now directs it's attention to spiritually evolving rather than simply surviving






Children now studying through a vast library depository of knowledge, looking back through history at the tremendous challenges that the people of Earth faced that has brought them to today’s world. They vowed to never allow this to ever happen again to their beloved planet and are filled with gratitude to all those who contributed to the beautiful new world they now experience.









Can a certain number of minds collectively affect the entire morphogenic planetary matrix?



Scientific experiments establishing the reality of the morphogenic collective planetary matrix

For example, the effect of a small group of people to affect this collective field was documented in the "International Peace Project in the Middle East," published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution in 1988. Researchers were able to identify the minimum number of people needed to experience inner peace before it’s mirrored in the surrounding world. That number they determined is the square root of one percent of the population. This represents only the base number required for the effect to begin -- the more people participate, the more pronounced the outcome. For example the square root of one percent of the population of earth, which is approximately 8 billion would be a little less than only 9,000 people is required to affect the entire population of this planet. This has been proven in numerous repeated experiments to be a fact.

Further evidence of this collective field was indicated by Princeton University who setup a worldwide network of physical random number generators located all over the planet to measure the effects of consciousness on electronic devices and called it the “Global Consciousness Project”. On the day of the 9-11 event, the equipment spiked a large signal showing there was a collective emotional response that could actually be measured by this field. Other large recordings have occurred on presidential inaugurations, tsunamis and the deaths of public figures. In other words, collectively together, we produce an effect which can be actually measured.












Manifesting our reality using a crystal





Build up the energy in your body by deeply breathing in pranic energy


Clear your crystal of any previous programs using your breath

Connect to your crystal by activating it with your breath to become one with it


Build up a charge within your crystal by rotating it in your hand while rubbing with a slight pressure



With your love for the planet and all living beings, fully imagine the most benevolent outcome here on planet Earth in your mind's eye and feel it in your heart as though it already is our current reality



Take in a full deep breath holding that vision

Then release your breath as a rapid pulse through your nostrils with your mind projecting that vision into the crystal!



Know that it is sent through the matrix and that the program is now written

Be grateful and know that it is so!

























End of Presentation









For Marcel, may the force of love be with you always
















Tree of life within the Flower of Life


Rebecca welcoming you into the garden


Chinese Foo Dog holding the key to the universe

My father a US Marine in 1940's China next to Foo Dog guarding the Forbidden City before the communists took over