An Unusual Experience


Figured I'd put this on a separate link since this is a bit out there, but sometimes you have to have a bit of an out there experience to want to explore the realms of science that are out there.

This strange triggering experience that happened back in 1976 I'll describe briefly to yield some continuity as to what lead up to the desire into the exploration of the other side of life.


A lot of times people don't tell about why they get into metaphysics because they sound weird and the usual worn out new agey stuff that is such a turn off to some, as anybody can say anything and pull it out of your (well you know).  I've always tried to strived for somewhat of a more scientific explanation that has somewhat of a framework and logical basis. Just as science is now discovering that we create or as they say the observer effects the experiment. Meaning just about anything you come up with does have it's own reality.  What is more important to understand is what is the common denominator of a universal principle law that is at work, that is true for everyone, regardless of their belief, rather than just a belief system one person out of their perspective calls true for everyone.

Ok back to this weird thing that happened. Let's just say I don't know why or how this happened, but it did happen. Who knows, maybe it was some alien high speed download feed. From best I can tell it was one of those unusual occurrences people have written about described as a Kundalini opening experience whereas during what was supposed to be a process of hypnotic regression turned into what felt like thousands of volts of electricity going through my hands and legs through my feet with a lucid visual image with my eyes closed of a being with a large head and eyes conveying information telepathically about what is commonly now termed "Sacred Geometry".

The experience was quite real and vivid when I was having it, and at the time I had absolutely no prior knowledge about this subject.  The energy level during all this was intense to put it mildly, yet very loving at the same time. What the being projected in space was a sphere, and as I observed I could see simple geometrical forms starting to appear within the sphere, the first pattern appeared to look like a 6 pointed structure (possibly a star tetrahedron) then one geometrical pattern connected within that pattern and then another to that one, one within within the other, with greater and greater complexity as each pattern connected within the next until no further patterns could be discerned as the total complexity of patterns turned into a solid sphere once again.   

The being conveyed that each one of us is in actuality a perfect sphere and connected to everyone else as in a matrix, yet as we evolve, we are each a unique (possibly connected to our DNA) complex frequency of geometrical patterns of consciousness that is aware of the sub-patterns of conscious within the sphere but not of the of the higher-patterns of consciousness within that sphere which encompass the lower, and that it is through the vehicle of Love that we transcend our current vibrational geometry to the next higher to encompass more of the totality of the sphere which we all are in actuality.

This whole thing left me with an intense interest to find out what this was all about. The next day I started reading everything I could get my hands on about "Sacred Geometry" (which was very limited in 1976 compared to today) and discovered just like the being was projecting, that the geometrical patterns do indeed fit one into the other as in the Platonic Solids of Pythagoras.

Ok so this is nothing new to any high school kid that has taken basic geometry.  Only thing is I never took geometry so this was totally new and fascinating and somehow held a key in understanding something about the nature of this matrix, if you will, which we operate in.

In studying all this it naturally leads into the study of crystalline minerals and the folklore of their effects. The curious thing about crystals especially the clear quartz, was that it had "Spiritual" attributes associated with it from cultures that were widely separated, yet similar uses and reverences toward these clear stones to me showed that it could possibly be an indicator of a scientific phenomena occurring that is not yet in our current measurable array of scientific equipment.  As it has been said that future advanced technology would appear to us with our present understanding as magic.

I heard of the work of Marcel Vogel who was the foremost scientist and authority in researching the field of mind/matter interaction with crystals and decided to drive from San Diego to San Jose, California in one of the worst storms with 100 mph gusts across the Golden Gate.  I arrived in the late evening at Dr. Vogel's home and knocked on the door.   He answered and welcomed me in and invited me to sit on his living room couch with a doctor friend of his and turned off all the lights and proceeded to play a classical piece of music for what seemed to be a half hour.   When he turned on the lights I told him that I heard of his work with crystals and was fascinated to learn more. He replied with "you are from another planet aren't you?"   I told him I didn't know about that and then he told me about a research laboratory he was planning on opening after he retires from IBM, and invited me to join him as a research associate.  

I was very honored and accepted even though I was still working for the government at the Naval Electronics Engineering Center in San Diego.   Later that same evening, a knock came at the door and a woman with a daughter who had a large protruding tumor on her ankle had heard about Marcel's ability to heal the body with crystals.  As I observed on the couch with the doctor sitting next to me, Marcel took a specially cut crystal and through a procedure of using the breath, actually dematerialized the swollen tumor that was protruding about a 1/2 and inch from her ankle in front of our eyes.  

This demonstration made a lasting impression and showed me that this man had discovered something real in how to matter through consciousness through the geometry of the crystalline matrix and formed in such a way to cohere the conscious intention to assist that person in a rapid transformation of restructuring a healthy formative energy pattern of the body.

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