"The mind of man expresses his thought in geometric patterns these geometric patterns are identical to what we see in the crystallographic world the geometry of mind and the geometry of crystallography are identical"
- Marcel Vogel 1983


From what I have gathered thus far, I realize I have not even begun to scratch the surface of this subject. But I will share my perspective here in personal observations as well as the work with scientist Dr. Marcel Vogel regarding the various fragmented pieces that appear tot fit together toward an understanding of the matrix we interact with.

I began to research this subject many years ago due to an unusual experience back in 1977 which triggered this interest. Today there is so much incredible information on this subject apparently coming through the collective consciousness of many.



In the beginning.. all essence was undefined and undifferentiated and somehow just decided to exist. At least that's the theory, although it may have always existed with no beginning and no end...

(The sphere contains all possibilities as all geometries manifest within it)

Not much happening if you're undiversified, existence needed entertainment, it needed to experience itself, so it decided to reflect upon itself and polarize into opposites.

(The Ellipsoid or egg form is a pure expression of this infinite polarization of the opposites)


The two reflecting upon each other and out of that reflection was created a 3rd point

(sometimes called the "Law of the Triangle" representing manifestation)

And the reflection of the opposites continued infinitely

( Pythagorean' "Star of Creation" the creative point in center)


And expanded macro and microcosmically in multiple dimensions into the infinite

All operating within a geometrical matrix of formation laws of consciousness

This infinite nature is reflected in the golden mean ratio (Phi = 1.618) formed in nature

(The Pentagram with 21 golden section proportions contained within)


Relationship between the Vescia Pieces and the Pentagram bridging the hexagonal and pentagonal geometries


These patterns of Phi or 1.618 are seen in growth patterns throughout nature



The ellipsoid or egg form and its relationship to the two polarized foci to Phi



The Phi is seen in the 52 (51.827) degree angle slope of the sides of The Great Pyramid




Geometrically the 52 degree angle is revealed in the following relationship


The geometry of the crystalline lattice structure of quartz reveals a key understanding of the matrix.

The interlattice angle of a crystal is related to the basal angle. The basal angle is ½ of the angle of the tip of the crystal. The interlattice angle of quartz is 90 degrees minus the basal angle which is 38 degrees. Therefore the interlattice angle is 52 degrees. This is also the angle of the Cheops pyramid and relates to the golden section 1.618.



Victor Schauberger designed a hyperbolic funnel by mapping the relationship between frequency and wavelength of the harmonic series. This essentially traces the balance between extended wavelength of lower energy and contracted wavelengths of higher energy. This is also describing the magnetic and gravitational potentials inherent in the "inverse square law". (Consider how the potentials of the gravitational field of the masses are often represented by funnels such as the one above, and also to represent the curvature of the spacetime of relativity. Even the orbits of the planets are also traced in hyperbolic relation).

Now if we cut this funnel to 51.84 degrees (the angle of inclination of the Great Pyramid) there remains the form of the "golden egg" whose proportions are 1 to Phi.



The physical formation of quartz crystal begins its life deep within the earth from a hot vapor, a supersaturated solution of silicon dioxide (SiO2). As this source cools within subterranean space, a unit cell of seed cell of quartz forms around a nucleating site. It is l likely that each new atom is laid down where the possible bonding sites are the most plentiful. These areas contain the greatest energy. The molecules adhere to a silica based matrix such as granite or sandstone.

This unit cell is a tetrahedron shaped molecule composed of four atoms of oxygen with one silicon atom suspended within.

The primary unit cell acts as an attractor for other silicon dioxide molecules, ions, and so forth. Over time, trillions of these cells link together and, through a spiraling vortex motion, layer upon layer of quartz is put down until the crystal is complete.

This spiraling vortex motion appears to be the vehicle to which one dimensional frequency geometry interfaces to the next frequency geometry

All geometries are interfaced in this manner

The intersections of these various geometries form nodal points which interface from one frequency geometry to the next in a spinning vortex manner connecting to multiple dimensions


The geometries of quartz and water both similarly have tetrahedral and hexagonal geometries.


A discovery of the universally resonate nature of water was made
from drilling deep core samples of frozen water taken from the Antarctica.

It was found that all of the crystallographic forms of the 7 major classes can be formed in water as it is going from water to ice crystals. Showing that the geometrical matrix of water, which has the similarities of tetrahedral and hexagonal structuring of quartz, can universally conduct the full spectrum of geometries manifested in nature. This is key to understanding that the fundamental geometry of this structure serves as a universal matrix for all forms.

The Laboratory Measurements of Thought Interaction

In the research work in the 1980s with Dr. Marcel Vogel the following was measured in the laboratory regarding the energies of mind.

  • That it can be projected regardless of time and space, where the inverse square law does not apply.
  • The inhaling and exhaling of breath is connected to the receiving and transmitting of thought information.
  • Breath when exhaled through the nostrils in a rapid burst has the greatest degree of projecting thought.
  • Quartz crystals can amplify, store and transfer these energies of thought.
  • Quartz when geometrically faceted can cohere thought to a greater harmonic degree than when formed by natural forces in nature. Such as the Cabalistic male/female structure Marcel developed.
  • Quartz SIO2 and Water H2O have similar tetrahedral and hexagonal geometries and resonate with the energies of mind similarly.
  • All of the seven major crystallographic geometries found in nature can and have been exhibited in the formation of water showing that it can act as a fundamental matrix for forming all patterns in nature.
  • When water is structured, it's state has changed to a liquid crystal which exhibits both the proprieties of a structured formation, similar to how ice crystals are formed, and that of a liquid. It only requires an extremely minute charge to structure water due to the polarity of the molecular configuration.
  • The valence bands in water around 3000 to 4000 angstroms are permanently altered after thought was pulsed into a test water sample measured on a spectrophotometer.
  • The structuring by thought into a cut crystal can be transferred into water by spinning the water around the crystal in a right hand spiral tube of seven turns leaving the water structured with that thought pattern that was programmed within the crystal.
  • When you seed a crystal it continues to replicate itself in it's own image. Similarly a small amount of liquid that is patterned will replicated itself in a larger volume of liquid to that seeded pattern.
  • We are patterned after that which created us, and therefore we create. Everything hinges around suggestion, as we believe so we create.
  • Love is our primary responsibility and is the power in the universe that keeps matter in form.



The well know work of Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered a method for visually revealing the structure of water. Through high-speed photography, he has been able to capture how our conscious thoughts affect the structural patterning of water at the moment of freezing.

An important work capturing the geometries of thought crystallized
Note the higher frequencies you could stay create patterns of higher structuring


What really is beauty?

Symmetry and balance in alignment with these geometrical laws of the matrix has always been associated with that which is "beautiful". The captured formations of the sensitive crystallization of water which reflects the geometry of the consciousness forming it, reveals a higher ordered pattern of symmetry with thoughts in alignment with Love, Compassion, Gratitude etc. In other words thoughts which recognize the unity or oneness, as compared to thoughts of separation and destruction.

Higher dimensional physics understands that the appearance of our physical form is essentially a holographic pattern that is derived from a higher dimensional pattern. This higher dimensional pattern has a much greater alignment with the unity and harmony of all life in a "holofractographic" manner. In other words harmonically aligned with the infinite nature of creation reflected mathematically by the golden mean ratio.

The resonance of the infinite is beautiful to the eye

In 1876 Gustav Theodor Fechner German psychologist, conducted an experiment on the perception of beauty using the golden rectangle. Fechner presented this to several people and asked what rectangle is the prettiest out of a collection of 10 small rectangles with various proportions including a square, including a single golden rectangle (5x8).

The results of this research study showed that the human brain perceives unconsciously the most perfect proportion, given that subjects overwhelmingly selected the only golden rectangle of the series.
This image shows a summary of the results of the experiment of Fechner: clearly 5x8 box was selected as the better proportioned.

The beauty of the human form incorporates the Phi ratios

Distortions from the Phi ratio are less pleasing to the eye


Transfer of energetic patterns from quartz to water

Water has been shown to be a universal resonant geometry to form the patterns of the conscious intention of mind or environment that it interacts with. In experiments done by Marcel Vogel it was found that a cut quartz crystal could transfer the energetic pattern in the quartz structure into the water by circulating it around the crystal in 7 right hand turns. This resonant transfer from quartz to water was believed to be due to angular harmonic resonance transfer.

The water molecule has bonding and bending angles that are almost exact harmonics or ratios of the interlattice angle of 52 degrees for the quartz crystal. In other words half of 52 (26) and double 52 (104) The angular resonant structure of the quartz crystal can therefore replicate itself in water because of a resonance harmonic coupling that is based upon these harmonically resonant structures.

The common bending angle for water molecule is commonly 26 degrees

(26 x2= 52)

The intramolecular bonding angle for the water molecule is 104.5 degrees

(104.5 /2= 52.25)

Angular Harmonic Resonance

In physics it is known that an oscillation at a particular frequency will generate harmonic multiples in the sum and difference of that fundamental oscillation.

An oscillation can contain information that like a radio transmitter that is broadcasting on 100 MHz will have a sub harmonic at /2 at 50 MHz and a higher harmonic x2 at 200 MHz. In standard practice these undesired transmissions are filtered out leaving only the 100 MHz signal to be received.

It is believed that the complex information stored within the tetrahedral lattice structure of quartz is transferred to the liquid crystalline structure of water due to the molecular angles being harmonically related.

Is the Nature of Conscious Thought Geometric?

The question arrises is the fundamental nature of conscious thought geometric when observing the effects of projected thoughts on the sensitive crystallization of water (i.e. Emoto's work) captured when changing states from liquid to ice.

The science which is revealing Singularity is possibly indicating that each conscious being is like a fractal of a larger conscious mind, and it may be, that although each conscious being appears to be separate in their own individual thoughts, that in actuality we may just be resonators of thought which may have a universal fundamental geometrical basis that we attune or resonate with that forms our thoughts.

Could our pineal gland made up of changing geometry liquid crystals centered between the left (male) and right (female) hemispheres of our brain be a form of a resonant antenna?


The idea of angular (geometric) resonance with consciousness has been demonstrated in the interface of mind in the area of what has been termed "Radionics" or "Psychotronics" which involves physical devices that date as far back as ancient Egypt that act as a "tuning focus for the mind". Nearly every configuration of these devices is based on linking holographically with a witness (such as the DNA from a blood sample) and then tuning into an aspect of the infinite possibilities by turning a dial to a resonant angle of that which you wish to couple energetically to the witness sample. In other words everything within a 360 degree circle can be attuned to in the universe.

An example of radionic dials multiplied in order to more finely tune to resonance through the principle that everything is enfolded into everything, and that any aspect of the whole can be attuned to as a divisional ratio of that whole.

The Radionic Camera and its tuning dials developed in the 1950s by George DeLaWarr was capable of imaging the past and the future, and he published thousands of photographs demonstrating the holographic nature of reality.

Another approach of angular radionic resonance of various elements was done by researcher Malcome Rae in England who developed over 25,000 of these cards with different angles to represent different substances using a magnetic field to transfer homeopathic vibrational essence. He called it Magneto-Geometry, which is the energisation of geometric patterns by a facet of Magnetism - Ref



The framework silicate of quartz is a complex 3D network of tetrahedra.

Quartz structure is hexagonal

As water modules transition from a liquid to a crystalline solid they reveal their inherent hexagonal symmetry

Clear materials are not structurally the same as quartz

Although both quartz and glass appear similarly clear to the eye, the quartz crystalline structure is such that it transfers a higher spectrum of light far more effectively than the amorphous glass structure which is unordered.

This is why higher frequencies of light can pass through a quartz window versus a glass window.

In the below experiment a diseased cell culture #1 who cells are emitting ultraviolet photons as the cells die, are transmitting their diseased pattern to a healthy cell culture #2 through a quartz window, effecting the cells with the exact same diseased pattern. When the window is replaced with glass the replicating effect is not able to be transmitted.


Between the positive (male) and negative (female) triads exists the point of creation

In the most ancient occult writings such as the Stanzas of Dyzan, in regards to the structure of the "web of life" it describes a hexagonal six sided matrix with the central point within each hexagon being the unmanifest creative point of spirit balanced between the male and female triads. This description is akin to the structure of quartz and is revealed in the piezoelectric effect of the displacement of the polarity charge centers. Pythagoras called the 6 pointed star with the dot in the center the "Star of Creation".

( Pythagorean "Star of Creation" the creative point in center)

The hexagonal structure of quartz is made up of positive and negative charge triads in which the charge centers in the middle of the opposite triads of equal positive and negative charges that cancel each other out leaving the charge centers neutral. When the physical crystal structure is stressed by pressure which off sets the triads slightly causing the balanced charge centers to be displaced causing a polarization. The trillions of displaced charge centers cause a large voltage potential to appear across the crystal. This is the fundamental used to have the crystal act as a transducer of vibrations. Conversely a voltage excitation will cause the crystal to oscillate at it's cut frequency and is used throughout the world of electronics as a stable source of frequency generation.

Triad charge centers balanced versus charge centers displaced

Piezoelectric effect showing an electric potential when the lattice structure is physically stressed


The tetrahedral hexagonal lattice structure of quartz


The quartz structure has the ability to store information holographically

Stanford University physicists have demonstrated the first fully digital model of a device that stores information as a hologram within the subatomic structure of a crystal. The scientists were able to store and retrieve a holographic image of the Mona Lisa. The article says that crystals store information in three dimensions and could be ten times faster than the fastest systems currently available.


The quartz structure has the ability to amplify conscious intention

Dr. Marcel Vogel stated that the laws operating are akin to those in known physics. In radio theory, a single antenna has a definite gain. Duplicating this antenna and feed from the same source will provide 3dB more gain. Duplicating again will add 3dB more. etc. Antennas arranged in a configuration called a "Phased Array" appear very similar to that of a repetitive crystalline structure. Enormous gain is realized by feeding this large array of little repetitive identical antennas such that they are in phase with each other by feeding the signal and spacing the distance of them apart for the correct wavelength or phase relationship. So that the overall effect has greatly amplified the signal of receiving or transmitting. You could say that, all of the little antennas resonating on the same wavelength are equivalent to a large powerful high gain antenna, whose signal strength can break through the background noise and override weaker signals.

Examples of high gain Phased Antenna Arrays showing antenna elements repeated at regular intervals akin to the crystalline array of tetrahedral structure repeated within the quartz crystal.

Through repeated phased relationships these resonant elements of the array are able to multiply the gain dramatically of receiving and transmitting signals. These same principles are believed to be involved in crystalline structures and are akin to these known laws in electromagnetic propagation



Has a hexagonal and tetrahedral similarity to an ancient pattern


That of the Flower of Life




Physicist Nassim Haramein decoded the 64 hexagrams of geometric information that is the I-Ching, an ancient set of oracular Chinese hexagrams. Nassim believes that the geometry of the structure of the space that is everywhere in the universe is an infinite tetrahedral array.

64 Hexagrams of the I-Ching

The I-Ching's hexagrams of 6 solid lines in blue and 6 broken lines in violet constructs a star tetrahedron

Nassim Haramein noticed the only "3D" geometry you can make with 6 solid lines is a tetrahedron and in order to make the second tetrahedron of a star tetrahedron you would need 6 broken lines to pass through the lines of the first tetrahedron. Nassim decoded the I Ching by showing how 6 solid lines and 6 broken lines are both the building blocks of the I Ching and that of a star tetrahedron. Thus, the I Ching encodes the most fundamental geometric information you need to build the geometry of the universe. Combining the female/male or yin/yang polar opposite tetrahedrons intertwined as a single star tetrahedron.

Beginning with the first octave of what becomes an infinite fractal division of the space in a perfectly balance state: a set of 64 tetrahedrons. At 64 tetrahedrons you have what Buckminster Fuller called the "vector equilibrium" also called the cube octahedron (8 tetrahedrons pointing inward) inside a second cube octahedron that is twice as large made of a total of 64 tetrahedrons: an octave.

To get to 64 tetrahedrons you bring together 8 star tetrahedrons. Each star tetrahedron is made from a tetrahedron pointing up and another polarized pointing downward creating what is also commonly known as a mercaba.


The 64 Tetrahedron Grid - 2D and 3D

Evolved beings may be communicating to us through this universal language with transcends all languages.

A study of over 6,938 crop circle geometrical patterns chronologically archived Ref

The control of perception through false indoctrination on this planet regarding these off planet cultures that have been interacting with us since our presence here on earth, I have written about here


The 64 tetrahedron grid with each tetrahedron within a sphere in 3D
projects a 2D pattern of the flower of life symbol from ancient Egypt


Within this 64 Tetrahedral Grid all other fundamental geometries exist

The work of Nassim Haramein revealing the 64 tetrahedral grid as a fundamental matrix of which all other forms are formed within, appears to be in a way, directly related to the tetrahedral molecular structures of both quartz and water which act similarly to the energies of conscious thought.

Throughout the universe is displayed the nature of opposites. Just as male and female interact manifesting in a myriad of forms. It may be that conscious thought is the male component which is allowed to take form through the female aspect that provides this geometrical structure of this all pervasive matrix.


This geometrical matrix is seen from the micro to the macrocosm

A group of three Russian scientists: Nikolai Goncharov, a Muscovite historian, Vyacheslav Morozov, a construction engineer and Valery Makarov, an electronics specialist. These three scientists worked directly off of Sanderson's research, and the twelve points of the icosahedron were placed in almost the exact same location. But, these scientists also added 50 more points, by superimposing a dodecahedron onto the Grid as well. Their results produced the following map, first printed in a popular Soviet science journal

From the research work of Richard Hoagland. Tetrahedral measurements of energy points on planetary and solar spheres include this 19.5 (19.47) degree energy point, and demonstrates their presence on nearly every body in the Solar System.

Sun (sunspot patterns that do not go above 19.5 degrees north or south),
Mars (the Olympus Mons shield volcano, three times higher than Mount Everest, at 19.5)
Venus (two volcanoes at roughly 19.5)
Earth (the Hawaiian Islands at 19.5)
Jupiter (the Great Red Spot at 19.5)
Neptune (the Great Dark Spot at 19.5)

These energetic structures form around our body as well


Kepler's Platonic solid model of the solar system

Kepler observed spacings of the six known planets at the time from Mercury out to Saturn were separated by the solids in the sequence octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, tetrahedron and cube. The Sun was at the centre of the six concentric spheres.



Indications show that the scale from a proton
to the mass of the universe has a scaled fractal relationship

Nassim Haramein's paper "The Schwarzschild Proton" essentially states that the mass within a proton is equivelant to the exact mass of the universe.


The Platonic Solids emerged within the vibrations of a fluid, connected by large interconnecting spirals in the images from the science of Cymatics in which higher frequencies create higher degrees of structuring Ref


Scientists now look at the atomic structure of matter as geometric solids in which we are actually observing only the nodal points of the oscillating geometry which appear to be solid


The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

- Nikola Tesla


"As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clearheaded science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms this much: There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. . . . We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter."

– Max Planck - Father of Quantum Mechanics


Platonic solids in the nucleus of the atom

Protons in the nucleus of the atom are actually the corners of geometric forms that exist like a standing wave pattern of oscillation. Research conducted by the eminent nuclear physicist Dr. Robert J. Moon. His geometrical model of the atomic nucleus created a reorganization of the periodic table of the elements into a tetrahedral structure. Having the atomic elements organized in such a way, where the electrons themselves are geometrically organized in a regular way inside the atom. What exists is a coherent, geometrical model of the arrangement of protons in the atomic nucleus, which involves the Platonic Solids. - Ref

Dr. Robert Moon's periodic table of elements arranged into a tetrahedral structure


The geometric basis for the periodicity of the elements - Full article


The DNA molecule, the program for all life, is based on the Golden section. It measures 34 angstroms long by 21 angstroms wide for each full cycle of its double helix spiral.34 and 21, of course, are numbers in the Fibonacci series and their ratio, 1.6190476 closely approximates Phi, 1.6180339..

DNA cross section shows the rectangle in the middle to be a golden mean rectangle connected to a hexagon and pentagon.


Evidence of geometric encoding in DNA

A recent paper by physician and researcher Mark White, entitled The G-ball, a New Icon for codon symmetry and the Genetic Code, proposed that the codon table of the genetic code follows the shape of a 12-faced pentagonal dodecahedron.
Since there are exactly four nucleotides in DNA that combine in sequences of three to produce 64 codons (43 = 64), White suggested that the genetic code organizes itself into the shape of tetrahedrons, which then combine into the shape of a spherical dodecahedron - exactly like clusters of water molecules

Mark White's ‘G-Ball' DNA dodecahedron model showing the 20 standard amino acids organized in space according to water affinity.

Following the equilateral genetic structure predicted by Russian physicist and cosmologist George Gamow, White explains how the 20 edges of a dodecahedron (or 20 triangular faces of its dual icosahedron) can be used to represent the 20 standard amino acids in DNA. The amino acids are then assigned locations in the geometry according to their water affinity (how much they like or dislike water).

From this, protein bonds into sequences of amino acid tetrahedrons, forming into a 12-sided dodecahedral framework that is then twisted by hydrogen around a fixed polar backbone to produce the 10-step spatial symmetry of the DNA double helix.

DNA double helix modeled as a dodecahedron rotated around a central axis.

Another study by Chi Ming Yang at Nankai University in China claims to have also found a quasi-periodic, egg geometry in the human genetic code, paralleling Mark White's G-Ball model.

Derived from the same building blocks of 20 standard amino acids and 64 tri-nucleotide codons in DNA, Yang found a cooperative ‘vector-in-space' addition principle that stretches into an ellipsoid or egg-like shape called an icosikaioctagon. Not surprisingly, this geometry was determined to have originated as five ‘stereochemical' growth stages over a period of millions of years. Ref






Miscellaneous elements to explore of the geometric matrix


The 5 Platonic Solids

Pythagoras 2,500 years ago surmised that all atomic structure was based on 5 humble and unique shapes, in the way they nested, one within the other, like Russian Dolls.

Platonic Solids had to obey the following 3 conditions:

1 – The shape must fit inside of a sphere ie: the all the corners or vertices are touching the inside of the sphere.
2 – The shape must have all its faces or polygons the same (eg, triangles or squares or pentagons or hexagons etc) thus all their angles are the same.
3 – The shape must have every edge length being the same.
The 5 shapes are:
1 – Tetrahedron (4 triangles, 6 vertices, 6 edges)
2 – Cube (6 squares, 8 vertices, 12 edges)
3 – Octahedron (8 Triangles, 6 vertices, 12 edges)
4 – Icosahedron (20 triangles, 30 vertices, 20 edges
5 – Dodecahedron (12 Pentagons, 20 vertices, 30 edges)
These five Platonic Solids exist also in the biological world. They exist as single celled planktons called Radiolaria, which when dying leave an exo-skeleton in the precise shape of these 5 Solids. Ref




The E8 Lie group, a perfectly symmetrical 248-dimensional object and possibly the structure that underlies everything in our universe. This pattern expressed in math forms a shape when plotted. In this sense, the E8 could be the framework into which everything, all forces and particles, fits in our universe. Ref Ref Ref

E8 Lie group / Flower of Life


Within the sphere all geometries exist



The fractal macro/micro structure of the matrix into infinity



Magic Squares are where patterns of numbers arranged in a square produce the same total when added diagonally, horizontally, vertically and often in the corners and central square. Drawing lines between the numbers in sequence yields a pattern for each magic square. Ref


The Fibonacci Numbers and the Platonic Solids - Ref

"If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9,
then you would have a key to the universe."
– Nikola Tesla


Vortex Math by Marko Rodin - Ref

Vortex based math that forms a Toroid

Black Hole in space

Sri Yantra Ref


The Tonoscope shows how sound and form are closely related Ref



Leonardo DaVinci's study


The 7 Chakras and the Platonic Solids that they resonate with

There are 32 vertebrae that make up the spinal column and the 7 chakras



32 paths (x2=64) of the Tree of Life

Tree of Life Attributes

The Tree of life in multiple dimensions


Tree of life within the Flower of Life


Rebecca welcoming you into the garden


Chinese Foo Dog holding the key to the universe

My father a US Marine in 1940's China next to Foo Dog guarding the Forbidden City



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